Autumn Haiku

Autumn in its glory...
From this Autumn rises…

Autumn Haiku


1.) In Autumn


A cool Autumn breeze

fallen Autumn leaves find path

or randomly pile.


Soon winter will come

soon snow will turn the world white

to gesso palette.


As cold prepares us

for a future built on fear

winter promises.


Sight to remember

moon on the edge of mountains

from this Autumn rise.

Autumn in November
I walk every Autumn…

2.) Buried in Autumn Leaves


Shuffle through the leaves

branchless and brown at my feet

pile by my doorstep.


These days of Autumn

stretch into the early night

darkness brings my sleep.


Hidden in my home

I feel an emotional pain

shadow my effort.


Limbs of barren trees

I go out in the darkness

lit by a far light.

Autumn in the sun
…Know of the coming of Autumn…

3.) Seasons Colors


The orange and the red

colors of a changing world

swirl on our palette.


Through stillness I move

one step slowly before next

labors memory.


Seasonal sadness

as the colors of the world

present sudden change.


With footstep forward

my dreams of evening fire light,

will I remember?

An time in Autumn
To meet me in the leaves…

4.) Blue Skies Slightly Gray


Blue skies slightly gray

to ponder over hot tea

this movement of time.


Near empty bird nest

dried remains of tomato

plants dormant and still.


Man is what he does

to prepare for the winter

in comfortable homes.


The wind reminder

that we must pass through this life

guardians of gate.

An Autumn reminder
Guardians of the gate…

5.) Rekindle Autumn’s Passion


Grass covered with dew

folding onto each crystal

as it bends the blade.


This delicate time

world prepares for winter’s weight

squirrels gather food.


That my body stays,

our last meeting together,

the Fall reminds me.


Walk every Autumn

it means I will see you soon

before winter’s snow.

Beautiful Autumn
A dream or a ghost, this beauty…

6.) There is Some Warmth Still There


Green has gone dormant

a feeling buried inside

within each brown leaf.


Bare branches hold birds

if only for a moment

before flying off.


I sleep with head down

buried within these dried leaves

to drown in moment.


The sun sits in clouds

so plainly that it asks me

“thinking of small things?”

Hello Autumn
I welcome the change with all my heart…

7.) A Prayer in Autumn


Once green Oak is bare

this desolation landscape

certain emptiness.


A time to find love

the barren tree asks the sky

to strengthen our hearts.


There is some warmth there

leftovers from summer’s sun

cannot read my heart.


My love shows my face

at the crying of the birds,

did we ever meet.

Coming Autumn
The deer feel Autumn’s pull…

8.) Autumn’s Voice


Day turns night quickly

the chill welcoming my sleep

a season to sleep.


Season’s colors mix

tints and hues beyond senses

rare abilities.


Deer on pine mountains

know of the coming Autumn

by sounds from its voice.


Drop of morning dew

has not dried from pine needles

before evening mist.




Jamie Lee Hamann
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Jamie Lee Hamann

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