An Unlikely Situation

An Unlikely Situation
We need you to move deep into our planets core…


1.) The Situation

Somyan, in tears from this unlikely situation, sat outside the auditorium and held Kamin tightly in his arms.  Kamin wept loudly as he stopped struggling to release himself.

Tetchkin children moved out of the auditorium in pairs.  Riab officers moved the children into lines as they walked towards the front of the school.  Volunteer civilians walked along each line and began a headcount of the children to determine if any children were missing.

“You will need to come with us.” An officer, who walked near a couple of injured children, ordered Somyan to stand.

“What about Kamin and the children.”  Somyan gently released Kamin and began to follow the officer towards the officer’s vehicle.

“We will take care of our people.  You must come with us.”  The officer led Somyan through a cloud of gray smoke that billowed from the doors of the auditorium out onto the streets before moving up into the sky.

“What has happened?  Where are we going?”

“Please remain quiet.”  The officer loaded Somyan into an official-looking vehicle.

Somyan stared out the back window of the vehicle.

2.) Sha

From a Diudya crystal overpass, Somyan looked out over the city of Riab, he reflected on everything that happened and realized he had not had one moment of peace since he left Lai.

He tried to remember his purpose and saw momentary glimpses of Tabook standing in the Lai spaceship library.  How did the conversation go?  Was he tasked to save Tetchki and if so he found a very strange way to help.

“Where are you taking me?” His ears started to ring and he felt a sudden shell shock as he tried to take deep breaths to calm his emotions.

The two Tetckin officers ignored his question, drove outside the City of Riab to a large Diudya Crystal building which seemed to reflect the two moons as they filled the sky.

The larger moon, Ut, white as the robes of a holy man.  The smaller moon, Sha, shone red as the flames of Tetchkin ancestor’s funeral pyres.  They seemed to shift from one side of the sky to the other while clouds found comfort in between.  Soon the clouds drifted away and both moons took over the sky.

The officers woke him from his daydream as they parked near the building.  They exited the vehicle and led Somyan, who held his head down to stare at the ground,  towards an entrance.  Inside Tetchkin officials busied themselves like ants as two guards moved Somyan into a small plain room.

“Sit and wait.”  The Officers commanded as they left Somyan alone and closed the door.

3.) Violence

“Today one of the most violent acts to occur on Tetchki in one hundred years shattered the lives of Tethckins in Riab.”  Another officer entered the room, after a long wait, and sat across from Somyan.  “Each tendril of violence, created by the other alien, spreads like a plague.  His actions caused a large number of the inhabitants of Riab to fear their safety and their fear lowers their immunity to acts of violence.  Families of the deceased will turn their sorrow to hatred and this hatred will be passed from generation to generation.  This day of senseless brutality will affect the whole population of Tetchki for generations to come.  Violence is never a small act but a powerful enabler of change, a change towards a less loving and peaceful society.  One act of violence could eventually topple whole cities, destroy countries, and cause genocide of whole races.”

“I am truly sorry this happened,”  Somyan whispered under his breath.

“Well, it did.  What is your name?  Where are you from?  Why did you bring this disease to my people?”

“My name is Somyan, I am from Lai.”

4.) An Outsider

“The Lai senate sent me to your planet after a meeting with a Tetckin named Tabook.  Tabook informed me, in the privacy of a Lai Space Station library, that your world found itself in a crisis and needed my help.  He asked me to move to Tetchki where I would stay and transcribe a hard copy of your history.   I am a writer by trade and found this offer irresistible.  Five or maybe six months ago I left Lai on the Vanitch along with one other crew member, Kolpa.

I only knew Kolpa as a member of the Lai Senate and was shocked to see him as the Captain of the Vanitch.  Our journey began with violence when a woman died at a wormhole way station before we jumped to Tetchki.  The death of this woman, though I have no proof, was due to the violence of Kolpa.  After the jump to your planet, he became obsessed with the notion that Galactic Police were after him and his behavior turned erratic and more violent.

I am only a hostage in these events, please believe me.  My only goal on Tetchki is to help your planet.  I realize the position I am in and understand your doubt.”

The room remained silent for a moment as another Tetchkin officer entered, whispered a few words to the interrogator, and then left.  Somyan felt shame for being involved and fearful for his life.  He put his chin down and looked at the table unable to find the energy to look up.

5.) The City Organizer

The city organizer entered the room, tapped the interrogator on the shoulder, and sat down.  “Somyan, I am the City Organizer, we have corroborated your story.  Tabook left on a mission to find you around the timeline you mentioned.  I believe you are here to help and after today we will need you more than ever.”

Somyan remained silent.

“This Kolpa, by jumping into our collective data stream, has disrupted our central nervous system.  All education has stopped and the world finds itself at a standstill.”  The City Organizer stood up and moved behind Somyan as he talked.  “Somyan stand up and walk with me.”

The City Organizer offered his hand to Somyan and helped him to his feet.  He opened the door of the room and they both walked into the hallway and outside.

“The red moon, Sha, represents pure evil and the white moon, Ut, represents pure good.  Both moons light up the sky.  Without one the other would not shine.  Sha is upon us, the red moon, and carries with it the desire to devour Ut, the white moon.  None of us know where Sha will lead us and we are frightened.”

“Interesting,”  Somyan responded noticing the two moons.

“What Kolpa did has not been done.  There are signs that his spirit, mixed with the spirit of one of ours, has manifested itself in our central nervous system.  Basically, through his act, his knowledge has mixed with our knowledge and his life energy has become light energy along with the Tetchkin Varva.”

“How is Kamin?”

“Her father is recovering.”

“How can I possibly help you?”

6.) To The Core

“You, Somyan, have just survived an extreme amount of stress brought on from experiencing irrational violent behavior.  We, as a collective, are experiencing the same traumatic stress.  But time does not allow us to dignify our states of being.  Kolpa has not only disrupted the spread of information around our world he has transformed himself into an energy that can control our whole central nervous system.  He has become Sha and Sha will destroy everything in its path.”

“Still, how can I possibly help with this.”

“We need you to move deep into our planet’s core where our central nervous system operates and we need you to destroy it at its source.  Kolpa will survive and search for a physical form, at least we think so, at that point you will help us move him off our planet and into space.”

“Sounds like an extremely difficult task.”

“We must send you, most of us are incapable of violent behavior.”  The City Organizer stopped and looked at Somyan with a somber expression.

“Ok.  I will go.  When do I start?”

“Now.  But you will not be alone.”

Thank you for reading.  If you enjoyed reading this story stay tuned and if you would like to read the previous stories go to:

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2 thoughts on “An Unlikely Situation

  • November 18, 2019 at 1:16 PM

    Wow! Somyan really has a tough task ahead and it seems dangerous. I hope he is successful. This is very interesting, Jamie. You have a great imagination for sci-fi stories.

    Please review the following sentence structures:

    In chapter 4: “He put his chin down and looked at the table, the wood grain seemed to whirl in a pattern, unable to find the energy to look up.” (Reads as if the pattern is unable to look up.) Should be: “He put his chin down and looked at the table, the wood grain seemed to whirl in a pattern. He was unable to find the energy to look up.”

    In chapter 5: “The city organizer entered the room, tapped the interrogator on the shoulder, and sat down.” This sentence should be at the beginning of the paragraph for a more clear sequence. The C.O. entered the room before he spoke, not after.

    • November 19, 2019 at 10:45 AM

      Thank you Phyllis have made appropriate changes. I am glad the story has kept your interest. I cannot stop now I am too close to the finish line. Then onto editing, editing, and more editing. I am sending through Grammarly and two beta readers before even thinking about publication. Jamie


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