Aliens in Exile

Aliens in Exile
Kolpa, an alien in exile, placed his hand within the cylinder of light….


1.  In Exile

Somyan and Kolpa remained crouched behind a Riab municipal pipeline.  Kamin and his daughter Varva, two Tethckins being held captive, huddled together nearby.

Kolpa, still intoxicated by a large amount of Tetchkin Tea, used the pipeline to anchor his balance.

“Our Tetchkin friends look sick and weary.”  Somyan shared with Kolpa.

“You can hardly call this place paradise,”  Kolpa answered with a kick to the pipeline which created a small echo.  “Before long, due to this exile, I will look the same.  Here we sit next to the City Sewer that flows even though I put up with your crap.”

“Misery.  Oh, misery.” Kamin moaned quietly.

“Varva shut that old man up!”  Kolpa peeked over the pipe where he could see an entrance, about ten paces away, to a Riab Education Center.

2. The Exiles Hostages

The pipeline grumbled as waste fought through layers of clay deposits until reaching the Riab Treatment Facility on the outskirts of the city.  Sirens rose and fell as if one city alarm mingled with another.  From a few blocks away Kolpa could hear the footsteps of Tetchkin officers as they conducted their search.

Somyan looked up at the sky and noticed that he could see stars in the daytime.  He realized stars led him down this path and wondered where the stars were going to lead him now.

“Why this misery?  Why?”  Kamin moaned again.

“Shut up old man you will get used to it or I will make you get used to it,”  Kolpa growled.

“You are foolish!  Your Mother’s milk still fresh on your lips.  Only folly could make you imagine there’s no one more miserable.  Let us go now!  Grant us our freedom.”  Kamin begged as Kolpa walked over and placed a finger to his lips.

“Please let him be he is not well.”  Varva pulled Kolpa’s attention from her father.

“Who are you but a fertile mother or wife? I am the exile here.”  Kolpa kicked Kamin violently.

“Who are you to bring us such suffering.”  Varva looked directly at Kolpa.

3. Exiles in School

“I, woman, am a politician by birth.  Born to a wealthy and powerful family.  But this means nothing now.  Now I am power.  Power gained from my exile, the freedom to follow every desire.  If I desire to roll on this ground naked and eat dirt I would.  I don’t want and I have no fear.”  Kolpa stood up,  grabbed Varva by her arm, and violently lifted Varva to her feet.

“Please take your power elsewhere.” Varva looked at Kolpa’s face.

“Now shut up.  Keep your father silent and get us to that school over there without anyone noticing.”  Kolpa walked back over to Somyan and glanced over the pipeline at the school.  “I think we should just run to that door straight ahead.  Once inside we will find a way to lock it from the inside.  If we move quickly we can avoid being noticed.”

Kolpa motioned to all three with his blaster.  Somyan helped Kamin to his feet and held him steady.  He led the group to a spot directly behind the pipeline and prepared to run.

“Ok kids, run!”  Kolpa ordered as the mismatched group ran towards the school. “Those doors there, go.”

As they entered the building two teenage Tetchkin boys stood with their mouths agape.

“You two stay quiet.”  Kolpa pointed his blaster at the two boys.  “Lead us to your headmaster.”

Kolpa grabbed one of the boys and put his blaster to his temple.

“There is no headmaster, or classrooms, or books.  These are stories our parents shared with our grandparents.  We meet and connect in the center circle.”  The Tethckin boy stuttered.

“Take me there.”

4. Alien Exiles

“Ok, just don’t hurt me please.”

“All of you lead the way and if anyone decides to act out in any way I will kill the boy.”  Kolpa pushed Somyan, Kamin, and Varva into the front of the group as the boys led them down the hallway to the central circle.

The boys led the group into a room, at the end of the hallway, where hundreds of children sat on the floor, with their eyes closed, on prayer blankets.  Each child had wires and circuitry, that reached up from the floor,  attached to their heads.

In the middle of the room, a cylinder of purple light flowed from a block of Diudya crystal, located on the floor, and moved to another crystal, on the ceiling.

“What is happening here?” Asked Kolpa.

“Learning.”  Answered the boy.

The children sat peacefully in rows, unaware of the situation.

“Show me how this works.”  Kolpa removed the blaster from the boy’s head.

“The center cylinder of light is a stream of information that flows from our Educational Center Units placed strategically under our cities.  Knowledge is constantly moving from our shared experiences  into these units from one key location and taken from our sensory information by transference.”

“Transference?”  Kolpa asked.

“Yes, through our lips we share our souls.”  Kamin interrupted.

“Talk when I ask, old man!”  Kolpa walked over to a connected child then over to the cylinder of light.  “What happens if I disrupt the flow with my hand.”

“You will share our knowledge as long as you have Tea within you.”  The boy answered as he looked nervously around.

5. Transference

Kolpa placed his finger in the purple light and immediately his mind filled with the images of farming Tetchkins, who plowed a field of long multicolored grain.  He smelled the pollen and felt the warmth of the day.

“Very interesting.”  Kolpa removed his finger.  “What happens if I place a hand.”

He placed his hand, within the light, and felt his mind fill with mathematics.  Foreign equations dominated his thoughts and he found he could calculate answers.

“Please stop.  Your actions are causing problems with the children’s lessons.”  The boy near Kolpa asked.

“Stop you say.  Do not tell me to stop.  Never tell me to stop.”  Kolpa pointed his blaster at the boy and fired.  The boy crumpled to the ground as children in the auditorium began to remove the wires and circuitry from their heads.

“Somyan make sure that door is locked.  Varva, come here.”  Kolpa grabbed Kamin and pointed his blaster towards his face.

“Please leave my father alone.”  Varva forced herself between the blaster and her father.

Kolpa dropped the blaster and grabbed Varva in an embrace.

“Darling you are coming with me.”  Kolpa forced his lips upon Varva.  She lost her footing and Kolpa picked her up.  He pulled her into the light with his lips pressed against hers.

“My daughter!”  Kamin yelled through the noise of the children, now disconnected, who started to scream.

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