Pumpkin, Pumpkin, Orange and Round….

Pumpkin, pumpkin, orange and round

From twisted vines upon the ground

Keep them safe and out of sight

Or have them smashed; All Hallows Night

A single flame that’s tucked inside

Ghastly light from the mouth and eyes

Carefully carving the different faces

Darkness coming from many places

Sharpened teeth and merciless grins

Hollowed eyes that speak of sins

Silent laughing and silent sight

A double-take that screams of fright

On the night when the full moon shines

When the fear slips between the lines

Imaginations running at breakneck speed

Something’s lurking; it’s guaranteed

Every sound a beast or demon

Running scared and lots of screaming

Zombies lurking, witches flying

Screech owls hooting, black cats crying

Children shaken right to their core

Shattered windows and creaking doors

Hidden haunts and bumps in the night

Protect your neck from things that bite

Flying bats that cloud the skies

Ice cold blood that seems to crystallize

On this night, the dead will rise

Negative energy from the screams and cries

The pumpkins wait as the hours pass

Mist is forming like some poison gas

The moors return to share the streets

Devouring sounds, but still no peace

The witching hour will soon be here

Things and people will just disappear

Never again will they be seen afoot

Just a mark; one as black as soot

No fire nor flame, but a well-worn spell

Bodies dragged right down to hell

Bolted doors and windows wedged

Prayers spoken and virtues pledged

Families gathered in places secure

Whispered words that reassure

A single flame from a single candle

While darkness slips across an ankle

Wispy webs from creatures crawling

Outside the stormy winds start howling

A lightning bolt without the rain

Shuddering noises; guttural and inhumane

Terrified and unable to speak

All Hallows Night is at its peak

R J Schwartz
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R J Schwartz

I write about everything and sometimes nothing at all. I'm fascinated by old things, rusty things, abandoned places, or anywhere that a secret might be unearthed. I'm passionate about history and many of my pieces are anchored in one concept of time or another. I've always been a writer, dating back to my youth, but the last decade has been a time of growth for me. I'm continually pushing the limitations of vocabulary, syntax, and descriptive phrasing.

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