A Cowboy Cthulu Story

H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulu from “The Call of Cthulu” published in September of 1926.

A Cowboy Cthulu Story

A mixture of cowboy poetry in heroic couplets, and a return of Cthulu to earth, the poem “A Cowboy Cthulu Story” is a perfect way to start your Halloween Season.  H.P. Lovecraft published “The Call of Cthulu” in September of 1926 and began a series of Cthulu stories for the magazine Weird Tales in 1928.  He introduced to the world one of the most terrifying creatures from the dark ever invented, Cthulu.  He also created an amazing world where Cthulu stole livestock from helpless farmers and lurked in the belief of his cult-like followers.


Now I love Poe whose poetry’s divine

but in October it’s my Lovecraft time.


A time to tell my tales of silent fear,

a Cthulu story for this time of year.


This story takes place in the Southwest Air

where Cowboy woke outside alone with mare.


He warmed his fingers with the morning fire

that crackled like bones popping in a pyre.


To drink his coffee slowly under sun

before loading the cattle onto run.


When out of blue his mare let out a scream

and suddenly disappeared from the scene.


He jumped up and he grabbed his rifle quick

to see a view that made his stomach sick.


He saw a creature feeding on entrails

with tentacles picking up cattle tails.



He aimed his rifle at its beak like mouth,

a shot that almost pushed him slightly south.


But to his woe this only made it mad

he grabbed his knife and knew this would be bad.


Now readers, these things always happen fast,

when stories find themselves about the past.


October mysteries never resolved,

the Call of Cthulu throughout time evolved.


Miskatonic University Press

Arkham, Massachusetts


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One thought on “A Cowboy Cthulu Story

  • September 21, 2019 at 11:47 AM

    Great work, Jamie. I love the ‘heroic couplets’ and the story. Well done.

    Thank you for participating in the Halloween writing contest and for the link. 🙂


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