An Excellent Alien (Part Two)

An Excellent Alien …

An Excellent Alien
Somyan meets a Tetchkin.

An Excellent Alien (Part Two)


“Somyan.  Thank you for coming with such short notice.” Senator Kolpa extended his hand as they approached the station’s library entrance.

“No problem.  What is this?”

“Let me fill you in.  This morning we were visited by a Tetchkin.  Our people have never met a Techkin before even though our Space Stations were created using Tetchkin design.  This morning he arrived in a small vessel.  Above all, after docking, he asked to speak directly to you, Somyan.  Something to do with you being the last non-AI writer available.  A thorough search of the alien’s vessel has determined that there is no threat or any clues to the purpose of his arrival.”

“A threat!  Tetchkins don’t believe in violence Senator Kolpa.”  Somyan felt his palms sweat.

“Are you prepared to meet?  We will provide your privacy but we demand you share with the Senate.”

“I am prepared.”

“Alright, here you go.  First, I will open the door and the rest is up to you.”  Senator Kolpa opened the door and Somyan walked into the library.

Surrounded by access to lap readers and quiet views of space stood a tall bald light blue-skinned Tetchkin with his hands clasped behind his back.

Star clusters seen through windows overhead lit up where the Tetchkin stood.


“You are standing right where The Chorus of Stars would perform.  Where our people would express the joy they found in space through song.  An appreciation of the endless beauty of the Universe.  Welcome to our Space Station.  The Lai people are honored by your presence.  My name is Somyan and I am humbled by this great honor.”

“My name is Tabook.  I am a distant relative to Count Rabok and I have traveled many wormholes to meet you.”

“I am speechless and confused.”  Somyan led Tabook to a chair, “Please sit down.”

“Writing takes faith.  For instance, Faith that others will read you and understand.  Or in other words, faith that ideas will not be misinterpreted after being shared.”  Tabook sat with his back straight and his hands placed on his legs.

“I agree, Tabook.”

“Your writing has not gone unnoticed.  Copies of your essays and short stories find themselves deep in the Universe under the arms of soldiers and explorers. Faith, Somyan, is a strong force.”

“I am under the impression that AI produce all written work on our lap readers.”

“You are the last of a breed.  Your books will outlive lap readers.  There is not one AI that can reach the vastness of creativity present in living beings neural networks.”

“A critic from the stars…”

“Your books are part of Tetchkin University education and play an important role in the training of Galactic Alliance Officers.  Since you have been here writing the Universe has evolved with you words in its hands.”


“Is this why you are here?”  Praise made Somyan nervous.

“No.”  Tabook placed his hand on Somyan’s shoulder. “Tethckins are dying along with their language.  Whole generations moved away from Tethckin towards the common language of the Alliance.  As a result of lack of proper recording whole histories of our race are disappearing.  Consequently, the loss of this knowledge is directly related to the loss of certain disciplines that ensured the safety and prosperity of our race.  We are destroying ourselves from within.”

“This is interesting but why do you need me?”

“We would like to hire you to write the history of our people and to ensure our story finds safety in the belly of the Universe.  We will provide you with all the resources and research you need.”

“But how do I begin?”

“We need you to save our stories Somyan by traveling to Tetchki to upload our collective imaginations.  If you accept a ship will leave in a week.”


“When you arrive close your eyes and start with a kiss.”


Somyan felt dazed as he walked out of the library.  Senator Kolpa met him with a handshake.

“Kolpa, I have been tasked with writing their story.”

“Some stories are better off not being told.”  Warned the Senator.

“Whatever your secret is Kolpa it is safe with me.”

“We will see about that.”  The Senator added under his breath as he walked Somyan down the hall.  “Take some time this morning to absorb what just happened and we will convene in Senate this evening to prepare travel arrangements.”

“Yes. Yes. Thank you, Senator.”  Somyan turned away from Kolpa and entered his room with his mind full of questions.

He found Terra with her head bowed.  She sat on their sofa and wrung her hands while tears flowed freely down her cheeks.  Even though he did not understand tears began to flow from his eyes as he knelt down and kissed the top of her head.


“Somyan everything is in motion.”

“What do you mean?”

“The answer lies within the Verotchka.”

“What are you talking about?  What is going on?”

“I am leaving to do Vaccination work for the Alliance.  I did not book a return flight.  Therefore I am not coming back and I will not see you again Somyan.  I love you brother.”

“Why must you go?”  Terra stood up to display her travel dress and grab a packed satchel from the side of the couch.

“No goodbye?”

She did not answer as Somyan watcher her slouch out the door.  Within seconds she seemed to become a stranger to him.

Somyan sat down at his desk and started to ponder the history of the Universe and what the Tetchkin meant by starting with a kiss.

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