Saying Hello Again

Saying Hello Again …

He didn’t know,

why it was so,

she seemed so content,

at first their love –

was like a blessing.

Life was full of joy

and they were together

and it seemed so much like love.

Then things seemed to change,

as he kissed her –

there was a faraway look in her eyes.

It seemed she was about to say goodbye,

when he wanted to say hello again.


He told her he loved her,

but there was no reply

Days came and went

and it seemed as if she was drifting away,

but when he looked at her,

she only smiled,

it seemed like she might say goodbye,

but he was ready to say hello once more.


He dreaded to ask her.

as long as she stayed by his side,

he was willing to hold her –

not worrying about tomorrow.

As long as she stayed,

he was happy,

but his heart trembled

and slowly began to ache.

Then came the day,

when she was so thoughtful,

he was sure that she would say,

farewell to him and fly away.

Far from the love he had to share

and while she would be saying goodbye –

he would be wanting to say hello again.


But the time passed,

and still, she was here.

Finally when he felt,

that things were so unbearable,

he turned to her,

as they sat beneath the starry sky.

He looked deep into her eyes

and he asked her why


Why was she like this?

Why was her love

not radiating for him?


He told her of the ache,

he held deep inside.

At first, she was so thoughtful,

then finally she confessed,

her heart had been captured,

by someone else,

but as the days passed,

she realized,

that her home was with him

and not anyone else.

So while she had been considering,

To tell him good-bye,

she had come to realize,

that she wanted once again,

to say hello to him.

Once again to start anew,

to begin loving once more,

as he listened he began to smile,

the storm was over,

the sun had come out

and love could begin once more –

saying hello again instead of goodbye.

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I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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