Mysterious Phenomena From Spinner’s Tales

Mysterious Phenomena …

mysterious phenomena

Alien, Spectral, Ghost?

About six years ago, when I lived at the foothill of Little Mountain, I saw something one night that really puzzled and scared me.

Unless it was really cold, I spent most evenings out back on my patio which faced the mountain. I liked it out there because there were no lights on that side of the building and no sidewalks, so it was dark and quiet. I loved to watch the sky and often saw meteorites or shooting stars. Well, on that aforementioned night I saw something I have never seen before or since.



As I gazed at the sky there was a flash of bright green light to my left on the mountain. It startled me. I glanced over and the light had disappeared. Then it suddenly came back. It was a luminescence light that covered a large area, about ten feet, and illuminated all the sagebrush within the glow. It was moving slowly down the mountainside towards the end of my building.

I stared with trepidation and felt chills on my back. In the center of the glow, there were two forms that moved with the light. At first, I could not make out what they were. When my eyes adjusted to the sight I could see the shape of a man and a large wolf. I was scared but could not move.

After a few minutes, the whole spectral reached the bottom of the mountain and disappeared around the end of the building. I hurried inside, locked my door and went to my bedroom window which faced out front. There was no sign of the strange light or the forms of a man and wolf.

I was tense and it took quite a while for me to relax enough to go to bed.



Two women and a man were found dead at a hotel in Passau, Germany. They were killed by a crossbow This is a mystery for the police, because there is no indication that anyone else was involved in the case, and there are no witnesses. The man and one woman were on a bed, holding hands, and had several bolts in their bodies. The younger woman was on the floor and had one bolt in her body. Police said they found two used and one unused crossbow in the room.

Two other women were found dead in a home 430 miles away from the hotel in Passau. One of the women had booked the 3-bed room in Passau and is apparently the sister of one of the women found dead in the Passau hotel.

A few days later another man in North Wales was shot with a crossbow and died later in a hospital. There were no suspects or witnesses. There is no connection to the crossbow deaths in Germany.

I find this is all rather bizarre. What in the world is going on?

mysterious phenomena
Crossbow is a Wicked Weapon



In 1944 a B17 Flying Fortress took off with a full crew from an RAF Air Base in
England. When the bomber landed at an RAF in Belgium the plane was empty. Not one member of the crew was on board – no pilot, no co-pilot, no one was on board.

The bomber landed all by itself. Or was there a ghost pilot?

See: Ghost Bomber


Author’s Note

Spinner’s Tales are stories I experienced, read, or that have been told to me by others. Sometimes the stories may have been a dream I or someone else had. I have to categorize Spinner’s Tales as Short Story, for there is not another category it would fit into at this time. These tales may be true or maybe not – you decide.

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