Space Kiss (Part One)

Space Kiss …

Space Kiss
Space Kiss” Mixed media on construction paper.  Jamie Lee Hamann 2019

Space Kiss (Part One)

1.) R&R and a Kiss

Five-thousand and one-hundred sixty-five years past the creation of our United Galaxies, when time almost stopped, spaceships appeared.  Eight battle cruisers from the Galactic Alliance exited a wormhole above the planet Tetchki and hovered near one of the planet’s space stations.

Confusion on the planet reached its height. most countries armed their missile defense systems. Smaller countries found their civilian populations armed and gathered in local monasteries.  Tetchki experienced one hundred years of peace prior to this moment.  They felt grossly ill prepared to deal with these massive battle cruisers hovering above their atmosphere.

From the capital of Bluxstill, the major world power of Tetchki, a small antiquated shuttle barreled through atmosphere towards the ships.  A few solar panels shook violently, displaying a general lack of maintenance beyond its grey shell.

The gentleman inside, a civilian Tetchkin Courtesan,  offered a message of peace.

Nothing displayed Tetchki’s desire for peace better then this falling apart shuttle being pulled in by a tractor beam and an unarmed Courtesan.  This lone Tetchkin wandered out of the shuttle and was escorted to the bridge where Cpt. Anton greeted him.

“His excellency Count Rabok of Bluxstill and representative to the planet Tetchki requests the honor of this Armada’s officers on the planets surface for tea.  The coordinates for shuttle landing are downloaded for your welcome to Tetchki.”  After this message the messenger returned to his shuttle and left as quickly as he arrived.

“Out of all the planets to travel to for R&R it had to be Tetchki. ” General Arband exclaimed to Cpt. Anton, “We just arrive and already we are heading down for tea!  At least the conscience expanding properties of Tetchki Tea are well known across the Universe!”

2.) A Kiss on Tetchy

Officers from eight ships gathered to shuttle to the surface.  They talked amongst themselves about the planet, its tea, and the last time troops from the United Galaxies visited.  Stories revolved around an old Count whose hospitality included a grand feast, entertainment, and of course and over abundance of tea.

The last group to visit drank enough tea to see visions.  During their hallucinogenic stay they were forced to listen to hours and hours of political discourse on the planets use of natural resources, fair labor, and every choice ever made to ensure a long and lasting peace and prosperity on the planet.  Talk went on for hours and the officers, too drugged and tired to move, were late to their posts.  they barely made the wormhole back to the war they fought.

The officers gathered in the shuttle and began their journey to the surface of the planet.

Many wondered if this Count Rabok was the same Count who bored the last batch of officers who took R&R on Tetchki.

After being battered a little at entry the shuttle crew looked outside.

From their windows they could see miles and miles of purple fields of a foreign grain that seemed to cover the entire planet.   They saw how purple changed color to yellow than red.  Different patches changed colors at different times creating a mesmerizing  movement of color along the surface.

A tower of what looked like glass lifted up into the sky and pulled the shuttle onto a loading bay.  Once in the bay the tower of glass began to sink into field and into ground.

“Who is this Count Rabok?” One officer asked, “Did he command the N Armada during the war with the Plivanons?”

“No that was General Rabbles not Count Rabok.”

“What an amazing planet.”

3.) The Party

After they unloaded the shuttle they were welcomed by five light blue skinned Tetchkins dressed in simple orange robes.  Each of the Tetchkins bowed to show their bald heads then asked them to follow.  The group walked through a very utilitarian docking bay into another hallway devoid of all decoration.  Each side of the hallway displayed numerous doors.

They walked a long time until a soft music and flashing lights filtered into the hallway from up ahead.

“I feel the game is on!”  Stated a tall thin officer, Lt. Bogrun, who seemed to have an uncanny ability to detect libations and females. “On my friends!  There are beautiful women ahead, and good food, and plenty to drink!”

A handsome very tall light blue skinned Tetchkin walked into the hall to greet the guests.  It was Count Rabok who showed off his bald head in a bow.  He explained that even though he appreciated their visit the crew could not spend the night.  Tonight was a gathering of the planets Heads of State along with their families and he capital just had no beds available.

He apologized for the inconvenience yet the officers noticed that the General seemed uncomfortable.

The officers realized that their presence at this gathering was a fragile affair.  They represented one thousand years of Galactic war on a planet known for lengthy periods of peace.

Each officer looked to the other to ensure they understood the delicate situation they found themselves.  A  family reunion at the home of Count Rabok ended up being interrupted by Battleships arriving without warning.  Then to top it off they have to entertain eighteen officers during their R&R.

An older Techkin Lady who stood tall above the officers, and wore gold bands on her light blue skinned neck, welcomed the officers and smiled cordially, showing a set of white teeth.   The officers noticed, however, that once she led them into the room her smile left her face and she quickly moved into the crowd of her relatives.

In the middle of the room a circle of Tetchkins sat with legs intertwined to drink tea and chant.  Above the circle a radiating disc of colored lights created a spectrum of radiance above their heads.  Along the side of the room groups of Tetchkins stood to share stories and gossip.

“You are too many to introduce please feel free to mingle.” Count Radok stated while handing the officers cups of tea.

4.) Tea

Most of the officers drank their tea and moved over to groups of Tetchkins to introduce themselves.

Except Major Aio.  Aio had a long scruffy beard common on the males from his planet and he suffered from severe social anxiety heightened by fighting in too many battles.  He drank his tea and awkwardly stood by the exit.

The tea did not help Aio in his situation.

Shortly after he drank the tea the room seemed to combine into one large stain glass image with light reflecting off each object and person.  Everyone seemed to melt into one.

This experience filled him with anger and fear.  At one moment the confusion made him lose his sight completely and he saw the room fill with darkness.  Right when the panic began to set in and he felt a scream heading towards his mouth Aio reached a point of clarity.  His sight returned and seemed to bring the world back to normalcy.

He was not sure whether the tea was effecting him but he felt joyous and social for the first time in what seemed a lifetime and found himself joining discussions between other officers and Tetchkins.

The primary topic of conversation was why the Galactic Alliance felt war was a constant necessity among the Universe and why policies were not put into place to try to find peaceful alternatives.  Officers gave their reasons and then Tetchkins politely nodded their light blue heads with smiles.  Smiles that quickly changed when they looked away.

Stay tuned for Part 2




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Jamie Lee Hamann

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I have a passion for writing short fiction and poetry.I currently live in Washoe Valley NV with my family.I am excited to share my poetry and my writing and I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

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Jamie Lee Hamann

My name is Jamie Lee Hamann and I have a passion for writing short fiction and poetry. I currently live in Washoe Valley NV with my family. I am excited to share my poetry and my writing and I hope that you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

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