Reflections Upon the Water

Reflections Upon the Water …

Looking in the still calm water

and gazing at my reflection,

two doves fly up from the shore,

into the sky, flying toward the sun –

while two sun rays meet above.


Many different wildflowers,

bloom along the banks,.

they bloom in bright colors,

making rainbows in the water.


They’ll bloom in loveliness,

all summer long,

then nod their blooms

and wilt in the autumn winds.


Butterflies everywhere,

look like their flying,

through the still water -.

I see so many reflected there.


They were there

and dancing all summer long,

by the river –

those butterflies so free and wild.


Two ducks,

come swimming along,

I see their webbed feet,

through the clear water

and in the reflections,

I see at least four.


They’ll swim in the river,

all through the autumn,

making their way among the colorful leaves,

like little boats upon the water.


Till the river freezes and is still,

when the north winds,

blow the winter in.

The ducks will go waddling,

slip sliding on the frozen water.


Music, the ripples of the flowing water,

make sweet music.

I hear sounds like the plucking of strings,

on an unseen instrument

and I imagine notes floating in the air.


The water gurgles over rocks

and little fishes play there.

The sunlight dabbles the water

with shadow and light.


My thoughts wander,

as I gaze in the ripples.

I’m longing to see faces from the past,

from another time,

from another place.

Seeking their bright smiles

in the reflections.


So that when the riverside,

becomes a frozen, magical,

land of snow and ice,

in the wintertime,

I can wait in anticipation,

when spring makes it all come alive again,

leaving the reflection of my smile –

behind for the springtime.

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I am a poet and writer. I write for many different sites online. I have two published books of poems on Amazon - Poetic Thoughts Fly and On the Wings of Love.

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