The Choice of Acceptance or Chaos

The Choice of Acceptance or Chaos
The Choice of Acceptance or Chaos

The chaos and turbulence of human endeavour
is surpassed by no other life,
for with sentience comes accountability
and with choice, consequence.

It is our path, a destiny to learn from experience,
and no matter our struggle, our complaints,
there can be no reprieve from
this cycle of aspiration, falling and recovery.

This is but the workings of human reason,
and suffering the most resonant attention,
so we may glean wisdom through failure,
growth through inner strength.

Being ignorant of this process just makes it worse,
and in resistance, a far more difficult path,
as we unknowingly give strength to our fears
and as a result, a harder experience.

This life is our path of growth,
our destiny of learning about life and ourselves,
and for a devotee of the spiritual path
an acceptance that pain is necessary.

Bitterness and blame are paths of disaster,
these responses feeding both fear and expectation
with a created reality of suffering,
instead of acceptance and more moderate experience.

Engendering a calm and passive approach to life
ensures a less turbulent journey, or simply
a less reactive response to it, equalling
a more advantageous and learned result.

Negative responses create further obstacles,
created by panicked thoughts and concerns,
thus making life more difficult and self-fulfilling,
keeping us stagnant rather than learning.

The spiritual path is simplicity,
allowing life to ensue without judgement or limitation,
and in acceptance of circumstances
a more balanced and appropriate response.

It is when we react rather than respond
that we create imbalance and the fears we uphold
just mould each circumstance into nightmares,
rather than adversity to be overcome.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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