Freedom From Tyranny

Freedom From Tyranny
Freedom From Tyranny

There is a duality of purpose here on earth. As with most change, there is a pendulum swing to extremes before the balance is restored. On one hand, we have a world so entrenched in capitalism and self-interest that corruption and lies now hold power over oblivious people. In a sense, they are slaves to a system of definitive control. On the other hand, we have a movement of seeking truth and exposing the ruse. These people are in pursuit of spiritual enlightenment and freedom from the systems that continue to stifled growth.

As one world gets darker, filled with religious and political hatred and contention, the other seeks peace and beauty. It seeks freedom of thought, artistic expression and connection to nature and all living things, with respect and equality. As with any imbalance, the negative eventually falls to its own imperfection, greed and malicious intentions. The positive is embraced by love, compassion, empathy and respect, and finds a clearer path to higher thought and circumstance.


Presently the world is in crisis, the disrespect of nature and its processes have caused huge imbalance that must be rectified. This is the cause of changing weather patterns, harsher natural disasters and disease and famine. Our population has exploded and must be culled in order for the earth and its resources to accommodate. In the past war, disease and natural disaster have maintained balance, but now this necessity is overdue.

While greed and belief drive conflicts, the world slips further and further into a dangerous path where balance and resolution become even more remote. Behind this scenario are those who have invested in a spiritual life, live by the paradigm of love and peace and who seek the end of all the lies and deceit. This movement is far larger than anyone could expect, but the pendulum has not yet reached its zenith and things will get worse before they get better. One can only hope that the negative is not foolish enough to destroy humankind, rather that give up their control and power.


Religion is still the greatest cause for disharmony, for war and world imbalance. The Zionists, Judaism, Islam as well as Catholicism have kept the world back from the truth. All have propagated hatred and continue to feed the world lies for their own individual agendas. While the Jews own much of the world and intend on ruling under one rule, Islam wants to conquer by breeding out and culling the infidels for world domination. Catholicism is filled with inequity, lies and connection to secrets and societies for their own agendas. There are few beliefs that invest only in spiritual enlightenment and who are non-political and pacifists by belief. Buddhism is one.

Regardless, dogmas of any kind are not the answer. Kindness, love, compassion, empathy and respect for all life is the answer to all we face. But it will take some time for that pendulum to complete its arc. All one can do is remain stoic in one’s belief, that humanity has great potential and following the spiritual path is our purpose and eventual freedom from tyranny.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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3 thoughts on “Freedom From Tyranny

  • December 1, 2018 at 11:19 PM

    Powerful message, Tony. Opening my heart and soul to spiritual enlightenment has done more for me than religion could do. Excellent work. Take care.

  • December 7, 2018 at 3:33 AM

    Tony, greed, envy, control, domination all lead to tyranny of various forms. Our world has a blemished history of self destruction. When has mankind not plundered, destroyed and endeavored to take control of other peoples and their resources. Until man can find a way to live in harmony with not only itself but with all living creatures, it will continue to stay the course of destruction. Indeed we are in a crisis, explosion of population, climate disasters, wars, hunger, greed and self endearment. The 1 % per centers control the worlds direction. Religions and their warped dogmas continue to brain wash many, people rely on a need for HOPE, they find it in their religions, yet very few know the meaning of it. They worship deities to comfort what they call their souls. The spiritual path is like mercury, very elusive and hard to hold on to, but cling we do, with HOPE that it will cleanse all. Enlightenment and servitude, knowing thyself is vital, Buddhism is one of the very few that offer that. Yes indeed my friend the Pendulum has yet to complete that so needed arc. Let’s hope it does before it’s too late.


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