As Stillness Claims My Heart

As Stillness Claims My Heart
As Stillness Claims My Heart

Can I be my aspired best,
what in dreams I hope to become,
when all is done, my struggle won,
and perpetuity my peak, at the crest
of changes that leave my wanting heart behind,
a soul expressed in reality’s core,
that sees me greet my higher self,
and all abhorred the past that once bound me
to this malaise of human need.

Shallow those footprints that impact the snow,
when the spirit is light and the flesh
awards little truth to know,
when thoughts so circumspect,
so subtle in their purpose, flow
like misted air over mountain peaks,
and I neither choose nor dampen their sight,
as they pass within me alive,
and leave the same way, unopposed.

When my tools are downed, my ego bare,
when aspirations are finally without care,
I’ll stand alone, naked in my proclivity,
a purpose without a purpose,
for it owns itself, and I watch it glean the world,
and smile I do, to witness all that I construed
out of ignorance, dance on clouds,
free to be and shout out loud,
a wordless resignation.

The end is just another beginning,
and quietness ensues,
as words find place on other pages,
but mine somehow intrudes upon the truth,
those echoes I longed for, are now dispersed,
inert and settled in their beds,
for others to abide and shed,
while I just lose my greatest fears,
as stillness claims my heart.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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