The Answers Lay Within

The Answers Lay Within
The Answers Lay Within

We strive, we accumulate, we horde, we seek security, love, status, respect, and all within the realms of finding reason for being, a purpose to all the pain and suffering. All of this is superfluous, for none of it, apart from love, gives any kudos in life’s journey. The soul, the joy we find in one another, the love we foster for any living thing is defined by our intentions, our thoughts and heart.

The physical journey is simply a plane of existence in which we learn, rise, fall and suffer the pain of ego and the lessons we need in aspiring to higher forms of thinking and eventually, life. In other words, the only true path to ascension is through the spirit, not the physical. Its like watching television, its like looking at reality but its not reality, and neither is what we believe to be reality: it all originates from our thoughts, beliefs and the limits of our consciousness. That is why circumstance matters little, whether you are wealthy, poor, in hardship or at the epitome of success, we all suffer the same level of resistance, and the struggle with balance on may levels.

Judgement is therefore rather ignorant, as we are not in a position to know why and how a soul learns and is fairing at any particular time. Whether we become monks and spend our life seeking epiphanies and higher spiritual thought or become a criminal and embrace violence and reject morality, its all the same. We are hear to learn, to know our potential and to in our own way, ascend to betterment. To whatever degree that is, and how it is achieved, cannot be judged.

Consciousness is not just a human sentient mind, but far more, with an endless potential along a path of spiritual acceptance and understanding. It is not about sacrifice, about processes, about this doctrine or that, it is about having an open heart and the will to be an observer of life, without judgement or contention.

When we delve into ourselves, find our core, we discover a natural assimilation with all life, as we are just expressions of life, no matter the form or consciousness. When we connect with ourselves we discover the reality that is often hidden by human ego, by a subconscious that lives in fear of being revealed. But when it is, we become one with all life, forgive our ineptitudes and seek only to be more pure and without the suffering we have for so long endured by our own hands.

This epiphany gives us an inner peace, a separateness of being that is both unique and shared, as we feel the life of all life flow through our veins. We arrive at a calmness, a flowing of thought and action that is non-contentious and abiding within natural laws and nature. This feeling is transcendent and the world changes completely with this revelation and a new perspective.

Judging the world, blaming this and that is a pointless exercise, as the only change that can take place is within us: the way we think, the way we treat others and the way we respond to a fractious world of negativism and self-gain. When we change within, we become a beacon to others, a force for change exemplified. That is the best we can do in life, no matter how bad the world seems, as love can conquer all, as long as we are true to love and become an objective observer, not a radical. All the answers lay within.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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4 thoughts on “The Answers Lay Within

  • November 18, 2018 at 10:06 PM

    You are so right, Tony. Within us are the answers we seek. The real love connects us to all living things. I understand now more about that real love than ever before. It lifts us up and lets our light shine forth. Wonderful epistle, well-written and so comforting. Well done, Tony.

  • June 30, 2019 at 10:13 AM

    I wish I could say this truth so eloquently. Just wonderful. You touched my heart.

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