Spilled Words of Regret

Spilled Words of Regret
Spilled Words of Regret

Rife the spilled words
within emotion’s turbulence,
writhing like drowning mice,
regret the echo of outpouring,
and as blue airless faces,
no human graces
give purpose to spewed affronts,
lost to the brunt of indignation.

And as they left, those words
bereft of a point,
spilled adroitly but in reaction
to unwanted conflict,
anger’s rise giving little to their
not so wise intention,
and feelings somewhat moot,
a punch perhaps more astute.

How regretful those spilled words,
spontaneous quips too sharp,
and furrowed brows the art of response,
embarrassment we cop,
for engaging mouth without thought,
reaction a knee-jerk lost,
when emotions rule, and we the fool
for contention.

Learn? One would think,
foot in mouth my yoga posture,
mastered from unerring practice,
but still those words with wills so right,
find their way to verbal strife,
without even a modicum of consideration,
just a flow of broken glass,
that bites me on the arse.

Still, my mind has spoken,
no holding back for me,
see it how I see it, correctness not my strategy,
more freelance my outbursts,
not governed by reason alone,
rather designed within a reaction,
hardly edited or sewn.

If one takes offence,
well, the truth is often harsh,
and the older I get the less I vet,
what comes from that voice within,
epiphany or sin, all the same to me,
just testing your resolve,
and if words spilled cause you ill,
I apologise from the heart.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “Spilled Words of Regret

  • December 1, 2018 at 8:41 AM

    I can’t tell you how I wish I could take back my spilled words of regrets Tony. We can all recall saying, “Oh if only…………..” In the heat of moments in our lives with people we loved, harsh words have come forth without second thought. Yet I now have reconciled myself to the knowledge, that everything happens for a reason in this world, we are given tests, many of us fail, many of us thrive. No doubt much of who we become is fed to us from our past and upbringing, when I reflect on all of that, I know now that my past haunted my future relationships as a lover, husband and father. I fell into the vicious cycle of my past and thus failed miserably as all three. So very poignant your words my friend, the cut deep, but understandably so for me at least. Remember, we can never take back what we utter in anger, yet regrets we live with for the rest of our lives for having said them. Well written Tony, again, your work often stirs my soul, as words from a talent such as yours should. Peace my friend.

  • December 1, 2018 at 5:31 PM

    Yes we both suffer the same fate, but I guess that is our path of learning. We must forgive ourselves for being imperfect and regardless of the ramifacations of our mistakes, move on. Pain is just another feeling, another experience to understand and with a quiet heart accept our chosen path. Your kind words are always appreciated my friend. Thank you Vincent. Take care.


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