I Slept With Love

I slept with love …

Sleeping In love
I Slept With love


I opened my eyes at 3:00 am and there was love beside me

I reached over to remove her hair from blocking her face

Then I stared at love and gave her a warm embrace

So beautiful so calm, such a clean soul

I thank God that she was mine to have and to hold


I lifted her hand and looked at the wedding ring

I then remembered our wedding dance

As we waltz, in my ear she whispered to sing

I vowed to protect love, I will be her shield and armor

I vowed to be true to love. I will let nothing harm her


It is such a beautiful feeling, the feeling of love

Soft and gentle.

My love, only for your feelings I have settled.

I promise to you a life of goodness and joy

As you have given me the gift of a little princess and a bouncing baby boy.

As I placed my hand on her shoulders,

She opened her eyes,

Kissed me on the lips and said goodnight.


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