Short Poetry in review…

Short Poetry in Review
Short Poetry in Review

Heaven Sent
‘The silent gloaming steals the breath
from reflections awe,
like glass, the sky fulfilled
beauty’s guile restored,
and light does wane like a candle in relent,
as the day closes, night begins,
and stars return all heaven sent.’

Windswept Day
‘Windswept the day,
fallen to encroaching night,
calm, at last, a welcomed plight,
as stars await imagination’s awe,
when life past answers a distant call,
and gaze we do, into the heavens.’

Autumn Sun Dispelled
‘An autumn sun dispelled,
gloaming hues and fading light imbued,
as silence stares vacantly at the change,
acceptance and conditions rearranged
to accommodate the night,
the flight of uncertain shadows
dissipate, as light weakens its hold on the day.’

Island Dream
‘So clean the dream,
a crystal joy of clarity,
this island is all it seems,
beauty wrapped in nature’s smile,
and the sea laps upon the sands,
as time entraps us all,
but here in island dreams,
who could ask for anything more.’

In Neat Rows
‘How we may stand in neat rows,
life’s compliance, our chosen role,
yet life is not always neat, not always ordered,
and often it takes our defeat
to see how misinformed we’ve been,
for undulations marks our lives,
messy failings our very strength,
for they teach us humility
and at great length, reality.’

‘A wonderland in colour swells,
the pristine white in a reflection of changing light,
such beauty to a heart in flight,
of nature’s vast and surprising hues,
meld with souls and in grace do choose,
a joyous celebration of life.’

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “Short Poetry in review…

  • October 2, 2018 at 2:36 AM

    Thanks, Phyllis, these are just some of the poetry that is on photos and paintings. Pleased you enjoy. Take care.


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