The Kaleidoscope

The Kaleidoscope
The Kaleidoscope

Each day, a kaleidoscope,
coloured reflections of facets in perception,
and we so rarely see what’s there in entirety,
just a modicum of the bones of truth,
a display of intricate attenuation,
as change evolves each moment.

The visions are superlative,
each aspect a microcosm of evolving life,
and no matter where I look,
the visions are transcendent,
the construct so intricately woven in being
all that I am seeing.

Each day unique, each night no repetition,
just a supposition that calls each one the same,
for everything moves, each step a progression
unlikely to have ever been done before,
as time wields its measure,
in yielding and restore.

I watch those clouds burgeoning,
their forms so malleable as if exploring the blue,
and each one a solitary piece
within a myriad on a vast eternal canvas,
painted by a dexterous hand,
a loving and artistic hand divine.

Inclement weather crowds a sky,
a sombre eye upon the vulnerable earth,
yet amid the thunderous roar and flashing white light,
the rain does cleans the earth and more,
restoring balance to an infinite plight
of posterity echoing past and futures guile.

Then solace comes in glassy ponds and deep azure sky,
a gentle breeze to soothe a mood,
and peering up into eternal bliss,
a mind can relent and abide this kiss of nature,
this vibrant web of life’s growing,
each season a showing of mother’s kind ways.

Each day a kaleidoscope,
a deeply complex coloured visage of life,
a comforting knowing of the gifts given so freely,
and the course so determined, we must accept
and walk the paths so clearly marked,
to find our days in life’s array.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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