The Path of Human Misery

The Path of Human Misery
The Path of Human Misery

For what do we strive, if not the nourishment of our ego. The gratification of a self-indulgent recompense that will somehow placate our yearning for contentment, is what we want. Yet the cycles of ‘acquisition/reward’ lead not to happiness but to the central cause of our misery. We believe that acquiring something, whether it be a position of employment, a new car or any possession is going to make us happy. The problem is once we attain our goal, the happiness soon fades. The reality is nothing can or will make us happy: happiness is simply a decision.

The struggle we so complain about in life is a counter-productive thinking process. Thinking we will be happy when we achieve this or that, is continually affirming we are not happy. If we keep striving to be happy through the pursuit of anything, we will be duly disappointed. Also in seeing life as a struggle we are creating an opposing resistance to our implied forcing of change. It is the same as fear, fearing anything gives strength and opposing force to that which we fear. We create a struggle by the manner of our thoughts. Contention is a mind field.

So what is the answer to this self-created misery we orchestrate in life. Pushing any goal creates resistance, opposition, and an affirmation of dissatisfaction. We live in a world built on capitalism, taught to believe that reward is the answer to happiness. Both ownership and security because of it, is given as the answers to all our woes. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We end up sacrificing our life and families to uphold burdens of debt. Then try to maintain a level of lifestyle we are taught we should pursue and maintain, regardless.

Of course we need to be productive, support our families and society but its not what we do but how we do it that’s important. Happiness comes from appreciation of life, not any possession or physical acquisition, including relationships. Nothing or no-one can make us happy, that decision is ours alone. Life is filled with such beauty and experience, its not difficult to find an appreciation for life.  Surely that can give us cause to be happy.

The answer to life’s problems and struggle is to allow life to be and within it, in acceptance, learn to flow with the undulations we must endure to learn and grow. Living in the present moment helps us to appreciate life, not waste thought worrying about what’s ahead or what has happened in the past. Instead be conscious of now, in every sense at our disposal. In that consideration our thoughts become those of consideration, not projecting, not fearing, but just being, a part of life and its movement. We may think of what we want and envisage new circumstances, but not in any way push those goals, so we do not create obstacles. Develop a quiet mind, a considered mind, and make decisions based on what we want rather than those taught goals. Those goals have been forced upon us by societal demands.

Misery is created by the admission of unhappiness, striving for things we as yet, do not have. But none of this affords happiness, does it?

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