Lying Gets Us Nowhere

Lying Gets Us Nowhere
Lying Gets Us Nowhere

We are all capable of anything…

Circumstances amass as with our panic, when we hastily choose and create more havoc than expected. One small mistake, one misjudgment, can taint our lives and with confusion add to the woes of many. Like a storm swirling, sucking into its vortex anything in close proximity, our gathering circumstances escalate. And as the gathering creates more and more pressure, more confusion and disarray, we make even more decisions based on that fear. In the end it only takes but a small trigger to allow a sane, normally balanced person, to perpetrate a crime of heinous measure.

A lie is often the beginning of such a cycle. Keeping secrets is a difficult task, as we keep telling lies to conceal reality. Again those poor decision, those choices create further circumstances, gathering like a storm. After all lies are just burdens awaiting manifestation, truth often the weeding out of such imbalance. It’s a natural process and once you enter this cycle it is difficult to escape.

We are all capable of anything, be assured. Given the circumstances we would kill to protect our loved ones and even though murder is wrong, our instincts for keeping our loved ones safe would justify our action. We may have never been violent, never been contentious at all in life, but within a given circumstance that can change quickly. No matter how we view ourselves, this reality is normally something we don’t have to face. Most of us go through life and never get even close to committing a crime. We may be moralistic, religious or simply a calm and pragmatic person. But again, given certain circumstances we may act very differently.

We may argue the moral ramifications of such a mistake, we may abhor hurting another person, and may never forgive ourselves if indeed we committed such crime. But that does not deter the fact that we are all capable. Thus judgement of such crimes is often without consideration. People can be imprisoned for such crimes, yet the given circumstances are understandable. Therefore is their accountability any less? An interesting question.

In a position of flight or fight, we are already in a heightened state of physical awareness.  Driven by adrenaline, we are so starkly aware physically, yet somewhat unfocused when it comes to reason. We are desperate and ready to act out of instinct alone. In a fight situation we are either protecting ourselves or someone we love, and we are reactive. This situation is not really absorbed into consciousness, the trauma of such events often leaving us with memory loss and confusion.

There is a huge difference between a premeditated murder and manslaughter, whether it be self-defense or an accidental death. The fact is we can change our lives irrevocably for such an anomalous circumstance. What drives us to this circumstance is the question.

Lying is never a good thing, particularly about a mistake we make. Its better to face the music up front, rather than keep the secret and lie even more to cover it up. We have choices in life, many of which have far-reaching effects. In the thought process of this essay, just remember of what we are capable and be true to yourself, lying gets us nowhere.

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4 thoughts on “Lying Gets Us Nowhere

  • July 21, 2018 at 10:28 PM

    Interesting and very true reflexions on the outcome of lying and what the average man is capable of given certain circumstances. A well-written essay, Tony.

  • July 22, 2018 at 3:30 AM

    Well-written, indeed. One lie can quickly become many, because it has to be bolstered with more lies. And, yes – we are capable of anything. Great essay, Tony.

  • July 22, 2018 at 4:30 AM

    Thanks Phyllis. Glad you appreciated the work. Take care

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