In the End, Simplicity

In the End, Simplicity
In the End, Simplicity

Lest we forget all that we know,
how then will it show,
will we fade into obscurity
an unsuccessful and maligned being
with nothing to shine
in the darkness of decline,
having forgotten knowledge
or a least, being.

For all our striving to know,
to understand this existence
more intimately,
to find harmony within and without
in a world of chaos and disparity,
what is indeed the point,
the key to life’s somber whisper,
its abiding truth.

Stripped bare, I dare
to answer this conundrum,
by concluding that the struggle
is just an illusion in circumstance,
learning an avalanche of burdens
that in the end leave us rid of their truths,
to realize it is being without them all
that sees us truly being,
in the silence of awareness,
in the shadows of learning,
a stance of being one within the all.

The process is necessary,
the learning a key to ascendancy,
yet once ascended,
the process falls from being,
and the consciousness no longer bleeding,
now on solid grounds,
spawns another epiphany,
far less coated in complexity,
far more subtle in intensity,
revealing a pure connection
with infinite mind.

The irony an omniscient reflection,
that the paths we walk are unnecessary
but only after we have walk them,
and in the face of truths,
we still to a quiet mind and just be,
letting worlds spin, universes swirl around us,
as time guides us through millennia,
struggling, learning, suffering,
to finally relent on all and to be,
in the open arms of eternity’s possibilities,
and our souls simplicity.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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