Always Been, Always Will Be Honest

Always Been, Always Will Be Honest
Always Been, Always Will Be Honest

I’ll testify to no more than a modicum of sin
when I were a lad and mischief was in,
I guess my mother taught me well,
the values I now uphold, in morality.

I could never steal, or even rob someone
of a place in a queue, let alone be a thief,
as bald faced lying is a grief I cannot abide,
so guilty I’d be, a blinking neon sign.

It’s engrained within, my mother’s values well set,
and it has served me well in life,
a straight shooter, no slight of hand
to net me some advantage, in the stakes of economy.

Rather I had to work for it,
and even then money served no real purpose
other than survival, none of it to rival
my artistic pursuits, gratification from expression,
never a pay check.

I guess I’m somewhat displaced in life,
not power, not wealth or position to drive me,
just a free spirit in expression, art my joy
and a spiritual life my meaning and purpose.

I’m so straight, that line can never break,
for as much as I want to be bad,
its just not in me, a frustration I have to accept,
and bereft I am from action, my sometimes dark thoughts
just that, alone.

Neither considered nor contrived,
I am what I am and can’t be anything else,
criminality just dumbfounds me, and liars I cannot abide,
for I think that honesty and openness is nothing to hide.

As much as I like to let my hair down
and stretch the laws for gain or comfort,
I’ll be a good guy til the day I die,
and that is a certainty, no change possible.

Boring you might say, too tediously straight,
yet that is what I make of a positive life, and I try not to judge,
allow others to do their thing and not divulge,
and I’ll smile at their trickery, but know its not for me.

Instead I view with interest the many kinds of thought,
that drive a person to such different ends,
and although a deviation would thrill me,
I cannot betray who I am.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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