Wisdom at its Core

Wisdom at its Core
Wisdom at its Core

Wisdom, like a veiled countenance,
offers a different view
of what transpires in life,
and rather than jump to conclusions
of hast or shortsightedness,
we see life as if in slow motion,
able to witness circumstances
in assimilable quantities,
in order to have a meaningful
and broader perspective.

Wisdom is not a reward,
rather a gift of seeing afforded
within the lack of judgement,
and an openness to unbiased reality,
thus attesting the righteous,
rather than asserting some belief
or vigorous paradigm,
which often stands in the way
of true wisdom,
and a balanced oversight.

Age does not necessitate wisdom,
for many do not learn from life,
rather make the same mistakes
over and over,
and if judgement reigns,
age is superfluous,
as it is an unbiased mind
that sees truth with clarity,
and a heart that sits patiently,

Wisdom is a calm and quiet friend,
who intervenes with our thoughts,
who guides us to more
balanced views of life’s challenges,
reminding us of the hues and nuances
of our visions, so in a serene state
we may see the ostensible truth
with more conviction
and a more harmonious,
stable perspective.

Wisdom in itself is truth,
spouted by anyone in its belief,
yet few are true custodians,
as we so often bear the burden
of our own experience,
biases built into our very thoughts,
and so truth espoused is not always reality,
this is only know by wisdom,
clean of its human failings
and cut loose from the egos cage.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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