Where Confusion Reigns and Purpose Explained


Where Confusion Reigns and Purpose Explained
Where Confusion Reigns and Purpose Explained

Inevitable, the ecliptic cycles of learning,
whether resistant, whether cooperative, we struggle,
but in time assimilate truths to understand,
and as this is the human path
we bare our all in innate potential,
our stubborn credentials for righteous thought,
eventually to face epiphany.

I see the world in all its diversity
the vast contrasts and impropriety,
souls struggling so much with life’s choices
and the recompense of mistakes
that bring us to our knees,
broken and lost, our choices in failure,
our understanding so corrupted by narcissism and greed .

So few seem to understand
the quintessential truth of being,
the spiritual path that is the uplifting and learning
of a soul to higher states and thought,
all so lost on the masses,
so attuned to the physical only, we are immersed
in survival, acquiring wealth and seeking security.

Yet they are the lessons of base learning,
finding importance in life’s gifts,
its opportunities to learn of the natural world,
the core realities of being and our place within it,
rather that the struggle for gain and status,
empty vessels of distraction far less important,
the path of the heart and soul’s ascendancy, the key.

I watch the world struggle,
entrenched in violence, competition and striving
for all the wrong things, and lament,
for so few understand what’s at stake,
our selfishness and lack of compassion
leading us to a more heartless world,
where love is a misnomer, a lost cause.

In age the reality is even more profound,
and fewer and fewer people I can be connected with,
not because of any judgement,
just a lack of connection,
as if another species, another race
separated in every thought and intention,
and I, virtually alone within time’s hold.

Confusion reigns,
struggle the veins of grasping hearts,
desperate to be known, to be acknowledged
for all the wrong reasons, for all the superficial
and physical aspects of souls on a spiritual path,
ones whose learning is beyond the physical,
and awaiting within another realm, unseen.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

Full time author, freelance writer, poet and blogger since 1999. Twenty one published works, past winner of 'Poet of the Year' on HubPages, 'Poem of the Year' on The Creative Exiles, writer for Allpoetry.com, Google+, tonydwtf.blogspot.com.au videos on YouTube and book sales on website thoughtsforabeautifulmind.com, Amazon and digitalprintaustralia.com.au/bookstore

2 thoughts on “Where Confusion Reigns and Purpose Explained

  • June 11, 2018 at 12:15 AM

    Confusion keeps us from learning truths. It takes an open heart to as for help, to listen to one more knowledgeable, to understand and grow in wisdom and spirit. Excellent work, Tony.


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