When Shadows Fell and Spirits Did Arise

When Shadows Fell and Spirits Did Arise
When Shadows Fell and Spirits Did Arise

A darkened room, a hollow tomb,
as spirits cloud like shadowed doom,
and air so sharp it hurts to breathe,
my scattered thoughts no symmetry,
as blankets hide my buried head,
what can’t be seen cant be dread,
but fear like rising water drowns
what hopes I could not seed,
quaking in my misery.

As eyes above my sheet cocooned,
what shadows dance around the room,
and what is light and what is gloom,
those spirits sure to find me,
deep in my own atrophy,
and as the wind outside does howl,
the window shakes as a hooting owl
regales an earthy focus,
to keep my mind from service
to a fear so disconcerting,
I can barely keep my conscious mind attuned.

So now I’m feeling nauseous,
as voices deep and fractious
send chills up and down my spine,
and how will I survive,
my heart about to bust,
for all its worth in life,
no answer to this strife now I face,
no support can I embrace
as their faces first appear.

Spectres white and gaunt amass,
their interplay like veils attract,
my terrified expression,
my overthrown intentions
not able to repress this captured glare,
watching but too scared to blink,
to miss one moment my fate in sync.

My heart does sink, as if it knows
death just another blow, a blink,
a wrong bestowed, a race to flee or fight
is struggling within my plight,
my sight so glazed unblinking eyes
cant sympathize this state,
as spoken words do rate within my mind.

As echoes like a million bounce,
within my mind the words do trounce,
do still my ravaged heart,
and breath it seems had deserted me,
as I gasp for air, ice cold my state of being,
when suddenly those spirits disappear.

The shadows dance upon the walls
the trees outside so gnarled, abhorred,
bring me back to breathing,
the night forestalled
to end this devastation,
as terror led my inner fight,
and I in frozen dreams it seems,
in the end survived.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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