Think of the Past Only in Glowing Terms

Think of the Past Only in Glowing Terms
Think of the Past Only in Glowing Terms

Recollections of fated loss
and schemes amiss,
echo long in time’s remiss,
for they in buried earth so cold,
should remain gone with no future hold,
yet so often they in hurt still perceptible,
gnaw away in memories swell
and keep us bound by past events,
from which we wish we were free.

Like looming spectres, they sit,
just above our shoulders,
to incessantly remind us,
emotions we thought behind us, still exist;
and so we suffer once again
the pangs of pain and separation,
that impede our present thoughts,
pulling heart strings we felt
just echo.

Living in the past is deluded,
as it is gone, and now
intruding on our minds,
and with it the pains of emotional trauma
that still resounds in memory,
and no matter the loss,
the pure suffering afforded,
we must move on,
according to our needs of grieving.

Letting go is never easy,
but a necessity in life,
for who should sacrifice a life for a loss,
its a cost not bearing reason at all,
and so we owe it to ourselves
to grieve but heal those wounds,
so that memories are sweeter than bereaved,
to hold the richness of life’s experience,
in loving memory of what was.

I recollect the traumas in life,
each one a devastating loss,
a hurt unimaginable,
yet in time’s relentless healing I think only
of the love and sharing that once was,
and it soothes the pain,
letting light remember in gain
of all that was shared and appreciated,
and that is a blessing.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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