The Slow Uplifting of a Soul in Physical Life

The Slow Uplifting of a Soul in Physical Life
The Slow Uplifting of a Soul in Physical Life

There is no compensation for stupidity,
only the harsh recompense delivered
to teach us the flaws in our thinking,
and if we accept that as a lesson learned,
then and only then, is it worthy.

Mistakes are how we learn and
how we accept ineptitude,
and if we can overcome our faults
and rash decisions to realize growth,
the process is indeed advantageous.

However, most of us struggle with acceptance,
stubbornly tell ourselves we are right
and the world is somehow persecuting us,
feelings of resistance guiding us
to a void of learning and more suffering.

Until we accept ourselves for who we are,
accept imperfection and our purpose of learning,
it is just struggle and pain we will endure,
and playing the victim in life is like
throwing away the key to your own captivity.

If we change our outmoded thinking,
realize that life is equitable and our suffering
is just part of learning, we become accepting,
regardless of circumstance, and so much easier life becomes,
when we understand the purpose.

Our trials and pain in life are often necessary
to understand ourselves and life more intimately,
and with a positive mind in acceptance,
the circumstance is made far easier in experience,
because we are not stricken by fear or enraged with blame.

Even death, our ultimate fear need not be so devastating,
as it is no more than a transition from one state to another,
and so anything can be seen as just transition,
any circumstance or challenge,
our task is simply to do our best within its parameters.

We may fear being parted from loved ones,
the soul connections that have given such purpose to life,
but in death we cannot lose them,
we shall meet again as our paths have crossed many times in other lives,
and connection is enduring, love eternal.

We are imperfect,
that is why we are here on this plane,
and the experiences we have just the learning required,
so there is no sense in contending with our purpose,
to do so is counter-productive.

Instead, just accept the necessity of experience,
and rather than fear it, flow with it to see what can be learned,
and as we learn our circumstances will change,
as they evolve with our acceptance and understanding,
to uplift us to higher thought.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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2 thoughts on “The Slow Uplifting of a Soul in Physical Life

  • June 10, 2018 at 11:20 PM

    Much appreciated Phyllis, glad you found it helpful and inspirational. Take care.


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