The Shadow’s Shadow

The Shadow's Shadow
The Shadow’s Shadow

Enabled I am to see the shadow’s shadow,
where light barely touches perception,
the truth is strong and interceding
to render itself in plain sight;
but will contradicts the intention,
countermands recession,
for truth to shadows is impeding
the covert nature of its will.

So shadows live in dark recesses,
ill-prepared for light’s resignation,
to infiltrate with obsession,
the truth and its propagation;
resistant to a great extent,
struggling to manifest or vent,
darkness clouds all composite events
in the cause of flat denial.

Yet these shadows take hold,
regardless of stealthy abodes so cold,
and somehow define a mind’s thoughts,
to rorts of morality’s wane;
as unconscious souls of little flexibility,
just ride the storm, without responsibility,
dealing vile thoughts and wants to bare,
the truth beneath their vacant stare.

Yes, I see the shadow’s shadow,
in all its horrid leeching filth,
instilled in deep dark places,
and exhumed without human traces;
just evil through its path of guiltless sway,
its subtle imbuing of greed and grey deceit,
as it reigns from far beneath
over unsuspecting human souls.

I can but watch the process,
the numbing down, the feed of self in excess,
and sorrow fills my heart to know,
how lost and far a soul will go in sin;
yet everything has a place in life,
love and hatred, joy and strife,
and those with shadows deep within,
are to be avoided before their sins arise.

Enabled to see the shadow’s shadow,
where forces of darkest nature rumble,
and some rise to stumble those who carry
this morbid shadow plight, turning day to night;
and I wish I could affect a change,
offer help within the rage,
but bitten I have been by those who did not know,
what had been sewn within.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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