The Ruse of Impossibility

The Ruse of Impossibility
The Ruse of Impossibility

Impossible is just something
we haven’t overcome yet,
and knowing that,
nothing should be dismissed out of hand,
as it is our faith in possibility that drives it
to breaking point, to yield to the universe.

Miracles are not divine,
they are within our hands
because we determine our lives and circumstance,
the illusions we think are rules
meant to be broken,
as we, in reality, create them.

Visions of reality bleed perspective,
not always directives in compliance,
but rather alternate truths we have not considered,
as limitless is all truth,
our parameters of belief the extent of the ruse,
when options are infinite.

Hollow is life lived within captivity,
bound by limits we agree in need,
restriction a seed nurtured,
and life beckons freedom,
its urge to explore and conquer our fears
to become attuned to our own miracle of being.

All life is made of the same stuff,
and regardless of form, has the same key,
to open and manipulate, as we the creators of reality see fit,
and in doing so we may change what we will,
if only we would believe,
perceive the possibility.

We are children of earth,
children in a grown up complexity,
governed by a fabric of simplicity
we need to acknowledge,
as we may perceive the levels of life
and once understood, rearrange to our will.

We have never been pawns,
never been victims of life’s wrath, instead,
travelers wide-eyed in learning and growing,
nature our guide and teacher
regarding the balance of all things,
and with an open mind, the opportunity to rule
within the kindness of being.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “The Ruse of Impossibility

  • June 24, 2018 at 4:12 AM

    ” we determine our lives and circumstance,” , I know this is true, that possibilities are limitless, yet it has always been believed our lives are pre-determined by fate, or destiny. I believe we have choices, options, and, as you say, options are infinite. Your epistle is offering food for thought, Tony, and is very well-written.


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