Prejudice, the Bane of Our Existence

Prejudice, the Bane of Our Existence
Prejudice, the Bane of Our Existence

Prejudice reigns in human thought,
for we are pawns to our beliefs
and respond within their foundation,
thus expounding those beliefs
in a flag waving remiss of thought,
more reaction.

Contention thus ensues
in our thoughts of provocation,
the clashing of belief structures
that in essence separate us, profoundly,
keeps us always observing difference,
rather than sameness.

This great divide is our downfall,
the respect for free will and thought
undermined by selfish beliefs of righteousness,
so prejudice is the precursor to conflict,
the fuel of aggression
and the endurance of a deluded self.

This reality has always been
the mark of mankind,
and through religion, philosophy and politics,
we maintain this separation
that now more than ever, divides the world,
despite our innate humanity and potential.

Without a respect for another’s beliefs
we are doomed in a literal sense,
for we judge so harshly, difference,
usually without understanding,
so our contentions of difference
always keep understanding at a distance.

There is room on earth for different beliefs
and without sharing to understand,
we keep ourselves at arms length,
so this divide just becomes wider
within our ignorance,
keeping peace an ideal of dreams.

Prejudice is the bane of human existence,
immovable beliefs not only limiting
but destructive in its vehement stand,
keeping any other ideas veiled
in stubborn stance or blindness,
thus limiting our progression and future.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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2 thoughts on “Prejudice, the Bane of Our Existence

  • June 2, 2018 at 10:47 PM

    Prejudice causes so much harm to relationships and all humanity. Will mankind ever get beyond these petty hang-ups that prevent spiritual growth and love of all living things? There is still a thread of hope within me that some day humanity will return to a sort of golden age. Excellent work Tony.


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