Memories in Orientation

Memories in Orientation
Memories in Orientation

Halcyon days like lingering touch,
invite our minds to revisit much of our past,
to make last the dreams in truths reveal
that did steal our yearning hearts.

And dire days so buried deep
to keep their ringing sting at bay,
best forgotten that dismay,
to remember is a fallen play of choice.

Yet all compose of us, our whole,
the blissful dreams and hurt untold,
that brings us to the present hold of life,
who we are a melding of it all.

Regret a pointless paradigm,
a rhyme best not invested in,
for all the sins or vestiges of mistakes,
that brought our life to high stakes risk.

Instead we consider the lessons learned,
not the good or bad, what we’ve discerned,
but how we rose above it all,
to reap the benefit of insight and more.

For memories can hold us down,
in shadows dark profoundly change our present,
and reticent to face those demons, we hide,
to ride the limitations of our seasons.

Yet all has brought us gifts,
if only we would perceive it so,
accept and eventually know,
we are better off for the happening.

Pain is but a lesson offered,
joy another reason proffered
for a life so filled with promise and acceptance,
and in our benevolence we grow.

Echoes are just reminders where we’ve been,
experiences we’ve gleaned in life’s offering,
suffering a precursor to sagacity
in the wake of all we take in life’s promise.

Let memories swell in an open heart,
fondness of past a fleeting glimpse of who we were,
and now a different stroke,
a growth beyond compare that now we show.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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