In Which Group Do You Belong?

In Which Group Do You Belong?
In Which Group Do You Belong?

There are four distinct groups in this world, the ‘Power Whores’, those of greed who seek ultimate control by any means necessary, who disregard the natural world and any form of morality. Secondly, the ‘Sheep’, those who seek to fit into society without question and acquire wealth and status for their own security. Thirdly,the ‘Innocents’ who by circumstance are suffering at the hands of the ‘Power Whores’, who live under threat of starvation, war and oppression. And fourthly, the ‘Candle Carriers’, the spiritual aware souls who live in hope of change, who are connected to truth, to all life and see potential in humanity beyond the travesty of our current circumstances.

The question is, in which group do you belong? The inequity of these groups is what is destroying the world: crimes against the natural order, racial segregation, war and genocide, political rivalry, hatred and fear, deliberately bred into societies for the ease of control by the ‘Power Whores’. In life we must stand up for what is important to us, what determines our lives, effects our families and our quality of life within the society we live. In democracies we supposedly have a say, but that ruse has long been eroded, governments themselves are slaves to the ‘Power Whores’ who really control everything via their vast wealth.

The ‘Power Whores’ are the elite, a covert group of the wealthiest people on earth, and they have an agenda for supreme control over every country on earth. They own most of the water on earth, most of the food production, are in control of energy and are biding their time expanding their interests. They are the creators of war, for arms sales and lending moneys to governments is their greatest profit. These people are connected everywhere and are responsible for holding back technologies that could transform our planet, just to maintain their current sources of income: fossil fuels, pharmaceuticals, arms and munitions, food production methods and uses.

The ‘Sheep’ account for less than half of the world’s population, striving to make better lives, falling for the concept that wealth will make them happy and that trust in government will keep them safe. We as a society, have been trained to live outside our means, to be salves to a monetary system that both feeds the ‘Power Whores’, keeps their status and keeps us in debt and dependent. We are entertained with technology to distract us from the truth and keep us striving and engaged within the societal structure, while media serves as the propaganda needed to gain approval for governments to act, globally.

The ‘Innocents’ are simply striving to survive, suffering at the hands of oppressors, in harsh lands of famine and disease as well as war and genocide created out of both political agendas and culling populations to be more easily compliant. They have few choices, are generally uneducated and left to their own devices just to survive each day. Instead of globally solving these massive problems, the ‘Power Whores’ are happy to watch humanity suffer. They are heartless people and ‘innocent’ pain fits their plans of ‘keeping the masses downtrodden’ so they and their plight can be manipulated.

The ‘Candle Carriers’ are our hope on earth, they are spiritually aware and know that our survival is based on changing the status quo. They respect the natural order, love animals and all life, love being the center of their paradigm for harmony and growth. Without these people there would be no hope at all, our end of destruction a given. This group focuses on spiritual growth rather than greed or self-interest physically, and care for all life and their welfare, including planet earth. They strive for change, strive for truth and the revelations the masses need to hear in order to know what’s really going on.

So what group do you belong to and do you really care what’s going on? Because without an open mind and eyes to see, this travesty will continue and a bad ending will eventuate. The life style a lot of us take for granted is filled with lies if we look closely. And rather than be lost in a mist of deception, wouldn’t you rather accept what’s going on a be a part of the solution, not the problem?

The world changes only by us changing first. Greed and capitalism isn’t the way, the answers lie within each of us. The truth pleas for release.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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5 thoughts on “In Which Group Do You Belong?

  • June 21, 2018 at 12:06 AM

    Glad you appreciated it Phyllis, yes we are the same, and through writing I try also to make some difference. Take care

  • June 23, 2018 at 7:13 PM

    Thanks Jamie, glad you’re enjoyed the book. Take care my friend. Cheers!

  • November 8, 2018 at 11:14 PM

    Great words of wisdom here, Tony. You said it all clearly and no one could argue this is not true…at least not me. We need to increase the number of ‘candle carriers’ in the world to take control back from the ‘power whores’ and change the direction. The financial/economic system that most countries embrace needs to be scrapped and totally overhauled, and trickle down economics always fails.

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