I Am Held Within its Eyes

I Am Held Within its Eyes
I Am Held Within its Eyes

Waves lap upon a distant shore,
as if time beating,
and each fan of water’s relent,
spreads like ripples on a glassy pond,
so sand absorbs this palette,
this life in moving scope,
as silence bares its singularity,
amid a plethora of hope.

And palms sway to breeze’s caress,
as clouds glide in tune,
and summer skies do hold court,
sun drenched and blessed with loving eyes,
and shells glisten upon the sand,
like diamonds awaiting find,
their precious secrets of whispered seas,
ready to be heard, inspired.

And footprints trail meandering paths,
upon the beach and in distance fade,
as if no one was there at all,
a mirage of the day,
yet there is no loneliness here,
all is as it should, in quiet persistence,
a paradise of peace and form,
a gift of pure benevolence.

Nature is our place,
our beloved embrace in life,
and its beauteous states so transforming,
we need only see to discern, and in simplicity
we may observe the perfection,
the whispering truths espoused,
if we accept our place within it all,
our epiphanies profound.

The sea is my comfort,
my soul’s soothing panacea,
as its endless beat of life so attuned to me,
I cannot fault the chemistry I feel,
when in its quiet and somber moods,
I feel my heart relent,
on all that I thought was important,
it just takes leave, my worries spent.

And as the sun dips into that far horizon,
and golden glitter prevails,
it is as if a path to infinite play,
and as the stars grace the skies,
blinking goodbye to day,
I praise the conundrum of eternity,
the vast and unknown, the uncertainty,
that holds me within its eyes.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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