Choices, Wormholes and Observation

Choices, Wormholes and Observation
Choices, Wormholes and Observation

In darkened spaces
where shadows withdraw from light,
and posy blooms
entrenched with colored hues do glow,
the line betwixt is right,
such contrast in remedial bliss,
the world in exposure a tryst
of wonder’s alms.

And neither light nor dark
invites a mind
to conquer perception’s blight,
extremes just flows in directions far apart,
a heart invested to observe,
where light does fall or not,
plumes just a diversion,
played in reality’s tune.

Choices are wafting by
in colored surprise, light-less my surmise,
choice-less my measure,
what is, is, not mine to mention,
yet stark these contrasts,
billowing like clouds on high,
stiff my demeanor, much cleaner
to observe and sate, not mediate
between two fates.

Eternal questions
eroded in mind’s persistent knell,
the cries of quantifying
a hell in cerebral deliberation,
instead I let alone what is shown,
acknowledge and let seeds
already sewn prevail,
to adorn my sentient thoughts.

Its all a play of light,
a shifting ever-turning plight,
shadows but the casting of substance,
light the refraction,
an action of interplay
that is no more than the substance
we create, in thought we make,
the reality I now assume.

We may deliberate,
assume, objectify or delude,
but really what we see is what we conclude:
mind first, reality created, we may
question, suppose and allay our fears,
just to feel better,
as we struggle to grasp, what truly we see,
when mind alone is the architect,
of all that is to be.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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