When Tender Vows Come Back to Bite Us

When Tender Vows Come Back to Bite Us
When Tender Vows Come Back to Bite Us

Tender the vows, the promises made,
when love lingers in our minds
and parades in view of our
numbed down common sense,
a world apart from loves sweet malaise,
when its flow takes us beyond reality’s glaze,
into the depths of wonderland,
where possibility thrives
aside the gnawing truth,
the delusions we so often create
in love’s embrace.

Not the cynic here, just a voice of reason,
for the most part we separate
in time’s revelation, stark reality in clarity
clears up any containment,
and we are faced with mistakes, oversights
that make us quiver with discomfort,
for within love’s veil, what appears
is often a want not truth, a vision,
a ruse for all our hopes,
and a slap in the face to cope,
when we realize that leap of faith, failed.

So many times
has delusion climbed aboard my train,
and even in time’s yield I maintained,
held the appearances I first saw,
upheld and more the anesthetized truth,
yet at some point, we discover,
the raw essence of a lover we thought for life,
has in strife turned against us,
and a whole new person emerged,
absurdly opposite to our acceptance,
and so the shock of the penance we must pay.

I believe these less than perfect perceptions
have a purpose, a finite connection of learning,
and in love we surrender and transform,
whether it is momentary or a life time long,
and so the veils allow the learning,
delusion for a reason, my thinking,
and no matter how bad it seems in the end,
love’s passage is worth it,
and our growth the purpose,
always positive,
regardless of our suppositions.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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