Time’s a Mystery, a Perception

Time's a Mystery, a Perception
Time’s a Mystery, a Perception

The mystery commends a mind to reason
but a heart to season its bland intent,
as life the dipping pool of sentience
pleads immersion, an exertion
of possibility’s lament,
to the heights of expectation’s blur,
a message sent to forge new pathways,
to grapple with past byways,
and know that future holds no boundary.

And in time’s dream,
where no past or futures seems possible,
now is all that can be,
but how that mystery unfolds,
holds our wants and future just redeems
itself in surrender, furnishing those wants,
and in reality its present deems past a dream,
for now is all there is:
a quizzical conundrum it seems.

Times flies by so quickly, and typically
we surrender to its demands,
commanding our compliance, our reliance
on its concept, its paralyzing scheme of control,
wholly ingrained within our minds, and so
we bend to its will, ensue within its harsh parameters,
all to our detriment as what does it matter
when within it, we rise and fall,

Mysteries remain only when
we don’t understand, don’t have first hand control,
and so I relent on my view that only one truth is true,
not misconstrued in ambiguity
but in plain sight, time is ours to master,
not fall beneath its judgement,
but expand our minds
to coexist within its many parallels,
its vast spectrum of being.

Past, present and future all co-exist now,
the mystery avowed to tweak our minds,
to rearrange time as we see it,
for our perception is what leads it to strict parameters,
as time itself cannot be held
in a constriction of any understanding,
it simply is at the beckon call
of the mind perceiving it,
allowing it to be.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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