Those Black Eyes Glaring

Those Black Eyes Glaring
Those Black Eyes Glaring

My lap-dog comfort is waning,
the cats meowing and complaining,
for it is me, who decides the fate of the world,
the food bowl whirl of life in their eyes,
and no surprises engender faith,
more redundancy of my place,
for I am the giver, the deliver of food,
and my position always tenuous
if I elude to changing rituals,
time honored pinnacles of belief.

Three sets of eyes embark
on mental challenging,
two cats and one dog, lingering,
time as if the yielding of my will,
their time still, by the clock,
and they like statues stand wide-eyed, glaring,
the occasional whining, demanding my attention,
to engage in their feeding,
sooner never later I am reading,
and all breaks loose if I don’t comply.

And jealous they, who goes first,
blackened eyes and soul concerting
and me alert to their eccentricities,
their green-eyed hypocrisy,
must have food their desperate alert,
until those cans are opened
and the bowls are full,
I it seems at the edge of abyss,
their dependency my burden,
and my future uncertain.

The dog is just grateful,
and can eat anything, any time:
a stomach full, and those expectant eyes
so focused when we’re eating,
standing to attention, quietly thinking,
surely I haven’t eaten for months;
with the cats however assault is prevalent,
to the plate, that smell is decadent,
but disgust is stricken on their faces
when shooed away,
indignant they’re embracing.

But when it comes to their allotted times for food,
they can all be quite rude,
and I the pigeon for the task,
chosen wisely for my leniency,
so hounded by their demanding cries,
their soulful eyes so captivating,
and I give way like a palm in a storm,
bending to a broken back,
and caring for these children,
three fury children that have adopted me,
as their feeder.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

Full time author, freelance writer, poet and blogger since 1999. Twenty one published works, past winner of 'Poet of the Year' on HubPages, 'Poem of the Year' on The Creative Exiles, writer for, Google+, videos on YouTube and book sales on website, Amazon and

6 thoughts on “Those Black Eyes Glaring

  • May 28, 2018 at 3:48 AM

    Yes, we cat lovers know all too well, their dependence upon us, although they’d like to think they don’t. Lol Glad you enjoyed Rasma.

  • May 28, 2018 at 6:11 AM

    Oh! Bless the furry children, for they love us in spite of our faults. So demanding they can be, yet, when their tummy is full and content they are, they thank us with kisses, head bumps, and cuddling. Nicely penned little story, Tony, and great imagery. Well done.

  • May 28, 2018 at 6:39 AM

    Thanks Phyllis, the picture I took of Kiki our female cat whose getting a bit. She’s beautiful though. Take care.


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