The Whisper of a Falling Star

The Whisper of a Falling Star
The Whisper of a Falling Star

Falling stars upon a glittering night,
infuse the wonder, the eternal plight of life,
seeded heavens in transformation,
time lost but in incremental division,
seeking to understand
the movements of symmetry,
the pure divinity of existence;
laden a cosmos of never-ending change,
the rise and fall in time’s illusion of range,
where millennia in moments speak,
soliloquies as old as words to keep
our sentient minds pondering,
longing for a reason for it all.

As storm clouds gather and thunderous claps
echo across the earth like strokes of anger,
Mother cleanses the dirt and refuse of living,
the dark thoughts and deeds bereft of giving,
until clear skies mark new beginnings
and change once again transforms,
restores the balance;
and as seasons turn, and nature’s gifts in turn
do bless our earth,
from sweltering heat to snow and sleet,
to chilled nights of frosted panes
and fanciful flights in dream,
we know we are blessed.

And within us a universe of life,
of thoughts and knowing
of questions and the revelations of answers
showing us the way,
the paths designed for you and I to learn,
to profoundly earn our place in sentient grace,
and explore what we are, what we carry in memory
of our forebears, those who walked the paths before us,
their pain and sorrow, their hardship
and joyous victories in life,
echo within our lives,
like gifts through time and space,
a legacy of such worth.

So each day I see through the layers of mundane sight,
to realize the dreams carried and shared, and my
visions clear to witness the possibilities,
the complex expressions of our plight,
still lingering from lives of old,
lessons learned and stories told
to render us for who we are;
and unlike that falling star we live to rise again,
to live beyond the stars,
in minds embraced by eternal being,
chaste and hallowed in seeing
what life is within love’s process,
the spark of being an omnipotent seed in life.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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