The Storm in Your Eyes

The Storm in Her Eyes
The Storm in Her Eyes

Rain, like drum rolls on tin, multiply in din
within the storm in your eyes,
and clouds above like dark pitched blooms overhead
brew about your head to prove in stead,
your smoldering intent,
and I in trepidation step toward the maelstrom,
caught in the allure of your conspiring soul,
each dangerous measure my plight,
my life in your hands.

You cannot compromise, nor sympathise,
your eyes filled with outrageous calamity,
perhaps a little vengeance, a spiteful end to some breach,
leached out in a blood-letting not reached,
for my inappropriate crossing of your will,
instilled in law for compliance,
and I too careless to notice the atrocity
about to be unleashed in your goddess name,
to a servant so low and now defamed.

Eye to eye, face to face, I bleed from my pores,
as those dark unwavering eyes penetrate my soul,
and I feel my past lives evaporate,
my present too near to fall to call,
as you delve into my dark depths,
grasp my breath like my throat and squeeze,
as to some degree I know,
you are the goddess I bestowed with trust
now displeased with a rush of vengeful hurt.

The storm in your eyes is electric,
and I despised for all I am, not at all aware of the pain
about to adhere to my being,
as you throw my heart to the curb,
my travesty too emotive for words;
now I languish within the loss of you,
the delicate sexuality you impose,
so exposed yet my addiction superimposed
over my desperate needs.

When the pain rises to its zenith,
and I realize what is gone, you turn unflinching,
and walks away, you glorious form never to be mine,
your luscious flesh a parting gift in memory,
and I see your power, your unscrupulous drifting soul,
so easy to wholly move within the cold,
and I in devastation, broken on plains unknown,
wretched and weak, wordless and meek,
for all my simple wrongs.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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