Sublimely Perfect…Love’s First Kiss

Sublimely Perfect...Love's First Kiss
Sublimely Perfect…Love’s First Kiss

She looks at him with a yearning wonder,
a warm and effervescent demeanor
held loosely under her rosy flesh
at the edge of surrender,
and he unbeknownst, chattering
to somehow win her with all he knows,
yet but one kiss away from
that silent afferent moment of bliss.

Her eyes like a deep dark ocean,
filled with discovery and potential,
begged an undivided attention,
a sanction undeniably invested,
as his words slowly fade to a whisper,
voice trembling, words congealing
as she leans forward to impart loves embrace
as lips entangle.

Hopes dissipate, for this is real,
this warm fate of two souls melding,
lips searching for a magical complicity,
lost in the warm rising,
the tantalizing of flesh and mind,
as grasping hands pull tighter,
passion’s fire ignited in time,
woven in a pleasured yielding.

Long and deep that kiss complete
did reap emotions on the Richter scale,
and arms meshed like vines
flourished as time stood still
and fires licked in dancing flames,
oranges and golds of embers glowing,
enveloped both, a silent troth
written on their swollen hearts.

Eyes closed in another realm of being,
together on clouds adrift in impossibility,
sewn by their deeply felt longing,
and now in expression
that one kiss sealed them,
brought them home to where they should be,
within the arms of love, free
and attuned to one another.

When that kiss, for want of breath dismissed,
their eyes did meets and all they knew,
all they shared was there,
no secrets held, no lies to tell,
for nothing did compare to love’s opened door,
more that they could ever ask,
in this their very first kiss,
sublimely perfect.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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2 thoughts on “Sublimely Perfect…Love’s First Kiss

  • May 25, 2018 at 10:54 PM

    It is hard to have true love without a kiss, and the first kiss is very special. I always have a soft spot for a good love poem and this is one Tony. I enjoyed it. Thanks.


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