Looking Into the Mirror

Looking Into the Mirror
Looking Into the Mirror

In all the cosmos,
across infinite time,
in all the universes, the planets and suns
that birth such cosmic rhymes,
there is you,
standing before a mirror,
a being of singular creation,
unlike any other,
and through those eyes,
so much to discover
in the depth of sentience.

Awareness delves into
the darkness of bottomless pools,
eyes to the soul, a door of entry,
and lost we may become
gazing into the conundrums of life,
the reality we presume right,
when our cognizance is rife
with assumptions,
and life is a spark we cannot see
beyond reflection,
beyond the secrets thereof.

Alone we stand, before ourselves,
awareness our resolve,
yet limited our understanding,
and in no other place are we,
exactly as this,
a flicker in time,
an omniscient kiss,
an opportunity within eternal bliss,
this life, this illusion,
this foregone conclusion
of being.

And within the folds
of the complex molds we exhibit,
our changing skin,
the sins of our beliefs,
we lose that connection,
that perfection that is us,
created in a unique spectrum of form,
a singular mind
informed of itself,
yet overlooked in panicked insecurity,
just looking into a mirror.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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Tony DeLorger

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