Could It Be, It Was All For Me?

Could It Be, It Was All For Me?
Could It Be, It Was All For Me?

Could it be, that light is lit for me,
a signal, a nod of empathy,
a sign, a telling equity
that I am graced by life’s favor,
or is it just a light out of darkness,
not for me but an epiphany of sorts,
in passing, my eyes
just caught its glimmer.

Has that moon arisen in perfect time,
its luminous pale blue shine all mine,
or must I share,
a loving partner by my side
before that moon is mine,
as graced our skies for its fullness,
and how is shines on me,
its subtle light a reflection in my eyes.

And sleep, it must be for me,
for my dreams are mine alone,
and filled with magical flights I see,
where no-one else pervades
the beauty I behold in this my world,
so sleep must be mine alone,
and when these eyes close,
my doors open and worlds comply.

Then, what I see is mine,
for no other can see as me,
this world of discovery mine alone,
and every soul at beckoned call,
interaction my calling card and choice,
for this world through my eyes is mine,
contrived and planed in detail,
how else could it arise?

In life I gaze into the stars,
for they are mine, each one in infinity
my own, for I see their past,
their lights of life evolving,
and know it is me who can see,
no other could possibly know the meaning,
watch the seasons unfold in glorious hues so true to me,
that who else could bear witness?

In death I lay quietly, stars still at my horizon,
and memories flash by of all that was mine
and seen through these eyes,
but now I must share, with all the souls
who fill the air around,
to find a place where we all can see
the point of this, an omniscient decree,
and compare our lives, the symmetry of being.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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