Challenging Reality…

Challenging Reality...
Challenging Reality…

Living the physical life
is a passage of infinite surprise,
the undulations of life
from calms waters to stormy seas,
takes our focus,
immerses us in the learning we so need,
to evolve each facet of our soul
and to ascend in a spiritual sense,
to higher thought and experience.

For this reason many people accept
the physical life as all there is,
a reality that sits before them,
experienced and evaluated through the senses
and then acknowledged as reality,
within which they struggle against diversity
to acquire wealth, status and control
over what they see as life,
the physical manifestation of thought.

A sentient mind is self-aware,
place and existence assumed through
the adoption of reason
and the evaluation of sensory input,
the basis of assumed truth, and therefore
the physical is in plain sight
and cannot be deputed,
as it represents the knowledge and assumption
that the physical exists first
and we through sensation, acknowledge it.

But what if the physical
is not as grounded in reality as we think,
rather it exists purely because we created it
with our thoughts and expectations,
collated through a collective
of synaptic connections in our brain,
fed by our five senses
to create an illusion of belief
that when shared,
becomes reality as we know it.

It’s a ‘chicken and egg’ conundrum
that is now enlightening science
to prove that this scenario is more than likely,
given that all matter is of the same stuff,
and it is our perceptions
that govern what we see and understand to be,
not reality first and we attempting to grasp it,
rather a world of hallucinations
we accept as real, because our brains came up with it.

It seems that our perceptions
have far more to do with our life
and circumstance than any fixed reality
we are trying to adapt to,
and in that, we must change our precept
in order to free the truth
and to know who is pulling the strings,
and how belief has misguided us completely,
by hiding the truth under an assumption
so long held.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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