When Love Falls Apart

When Love Falls Apart
When Love Falls Apart

Sweet hues of colored muse,
reluctant words in regrets allure,
when tempests abound in clear skies,
thunder roars in spite assumed,
and love falls apart.

The antipathy of hesitant,
silent words too shy to rise,
no-one seeks to sympathise,
yet no-one begins the rage,
when love falls apart.

Downward glances slowly brew,
eyes not willing to meet and secure,
any false or abiding lamentable sentiment,
all to somehow be a detriment,
as love falls apart.

Clouds of colored memories seed,
the flammable field of battle,
and rain may douse the flames that be,
but blood will be spilled,
when love falls apart.

And as courage rises in pale increments,
words are formed yet breathless,
and each know the coming storm,
the loss forlorn before the relentless truth
is moot, as love falls apart.

A hand reaches out, and is taken,
as if to acknowledge love once awakened,
now deceased in painful chasms deep,
as eyes shed the bitter tears of loss,
and love falls apart.

As touch breaks promises, and hands recede,
no words can express the emptiness,
but knowing this end is somehow blessed,
acceptance finds flight,
and day transforms the night, as love falls apart.

Two souls walk away,
not one word could say
how the heart now aches in sorrow,
yet the mind yields in a new tomorrow,
and hurt just a lonely dove up high,
exploring the periphery,
when love closes that door.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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