The Poet’s Muse in Beauty’s Purpose

The Poet's Muse in Beauty's Purpose
The Poet’s Muse in Beauty’s Purpose

For Poetry Month…

Poetry is thoughts etched in clay,
then carved tenderly in beauty,
until it reaches out
and touches our soul.

It cannot be defined,
cannot be simplified,
for words of beauty immersed in the profound,
opens that part of us that is vulnerable.

When such connection ensues,
two souls, both reader and poet
connect with emotions that can change a soul,
uplift and give a heart hope.

Poetry is not just an art,
but an ability to find beauty in life,
to take its essence and express it
in a noble and heart-felt way.

It is the search for artistic perfection,
a search for an esoteric union,
emotion to emotion, soul to soul,
that transcends words.

Poetry is the heart of written expression,
born of every intention to find love
and divine essence in language,
and to share in humility.

Words are meanings,
phrases are beauty’s chosen syntax
and poems are heart-rendered vows
to see life in all its magnificence.

A poet is a master word smith,
a purveyor of beauty’s will,
to elicit understanding in expression
and open a heart to the furthest possibilities.

When a master’s work is done,
the angels sing, the heavens open,
and light instills the vast beauty of life
in simple words of adoration.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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