The Irrefutable Power of Thought

The Irrefutable Power of Thought
The Irrefutable Power of Thought

Once foretold, the expectations get hold
and thoughts indeed fashion reality
from a sound and believable investment,
creating the will of the fore-teller,
the belief shared and made real.

How belief transforms life,
thoughts rife with intention,
and the more believed the greater
the probability of manifestation,
as collective thought accumulates in the ether.

The power of foretelling then, palpable,
as invested belief a tool of reality’s creation,
and an understanding to accept,
for reality is ours to forge,
as so often others play their hand.

Awareness is so often a cure,
a learning that transforms our dogmatic paradigms,
when we see what’s actually happening,
and realize our will is being eroded
by those who would take our world
and change it in their image.

Believing politicians, leaders
and religious zealots is the same,
thus it is we who have allowed the world
to be where it is, in such disarray,
yet asserting blame is pointless.

Change comes from within,
positive ideas, thoughts and beliefs
that transcend what now exists,
to make our world what we want,
not for someone else with their own agenda.

Thought is a great power, use it wisely,
and don’t let others force change upon you
when you can see it invalid,
and against your beliefs for a better world,
a positive step forward.

You have the same power they do,
and collectively we of the masses
have the numbers to change anything we so choose,
so don’t be complacent, think what you want
and act to make it happen.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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2 thoughts on “The Irrefutable Power of Thought

  • April 14, 2018 at 2:11 PM

    Excellent work, Tony. Thought is indeed powerful and we must always be aware that “change comes from within”. Well done dear friend.


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