What I Think and Who I Am

What I Think and Who I Am
What I Think and Who I Am

Can I be what I think I can be,
and am I as I am, to see
what truths grace my thoughts,
the dispassionate pleas
for those truths to support
a life in awareness, yet not complete,
still in a state of transition,
slow and arduous.

How I see myself is as much
the measure of my honesty,
and perhaps what I am
is incomplete for my eyes,
as the quirk of self impedes my vision,
and in the end my understanding
matters not, for I will be who I am,
regardless of what I see.

Acceptance yields a different agenda,
just to acknowledge and allow
truth to manifest through us,
to just be, without intention,
and be satisfied with lesson as yet learned,
imperfection our reality,
and in openness surrender to truth’s being
and be who we are, by not trying.

Which ever road we take,
there are undulations, challenges and hardship,
and it is who we truly are
that is defined by our choices of response,
judgement in any sense is pointless,
for not matter our striving or our abandon,
truth yields itself in our thoughts and actions,
and no biased eyes can define us,
especially our own.

We may hold images
and expectations of ourselves,
to live up to or to fail,
but our perspective is tainted,
and our focus should be more positioned
to accept ineptitude and simply try to do better
in all our choices and actions,
without any stance of achievement.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

Tony DeLorger
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Tony DeLorger

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