The Trials of a Ridged Mind

The Trials of a Ridged Mind
The Trials of a Ridged Mind

Ridged minds stagnate life,
flexible minds adapt and endure,
seeking truth and reality’s yield,
with an open-minded acceptance
of possibility.

Life represents change,
and not accepting it
creates hardship in circumstance,
as rejection gives strength to resistance,
causing chaos.

A flexible mind tries to see all,
a vast spectrum of reality,
and understands more of what is needed in change,
thus transitioning in a smoother
less confronting way.

Yet we so often hold onto prejudice,
using old circumstances and paradigms
as a remedy for the present,
which is blindly inopportune,
as each moment we experience is new.

Rigidity is a calcification of the mind,
a resting of laurels that inhibits life,
trying to fit old answers with new questions,
and ultimately keeping us still
and not moving in any positive way.

We always have choice,
and it is how we choose our decisions
that lays the blueprints of each circumstance,
thus not meeting choices freshly
simply holds us to the past, repeating our mistakes.

Ridged or stubborn people,
feel empowered by being true to their past,
but in reality it holds them back,
change an unwanted precept to their future,
causing far more problems than they can handle.

When we accept change, we adopt freedom,
the ability to survive whatever is thrown at us,
and the knowledge that in a positive frame of mind,
we will endure in happiness and prosperity,
a life appreciated and savored.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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