The Tedious Path of Belief

The Tedious Path of Belief
The Tedious Path of Belief

We are slaves to our own beliefs,
like a filter they apply their reasoning
to every decision we make,
each view we take in our assessment
of reality and a positive direction.

Once founded in belief, we rarely see truth,
because it is tainted by our biases,
that filter working against us, as change is simply life,
and holding onto outmoded beliefs,
to our detriment.

The only decisions that truly benefits us
are those chosen in a ‘present’ of clarity,
not affected by past, but assessed in the moment,
and yes experience helps us understand,
but not at the expense of being rational using fresh thought.

Too easy it is to rely on past decisions,
just accept that if it worked once it’s reliable,
but that is a lazy mind,
and not thinking anew just keeps us tethered
to all the mistakes and chaos of the past.

We form bad habits
that keep us on a treadmill to nowhere,
while life offers opportunities by the bucket load,
all of which we cannot see
because we are repeating the past.

Any belief becomes dogmatic,
if we are not open to change and further understanding,
therefore they keep us stagnant,
the same mindset governing all the potential we have,
never to be realized because we are not free.

Beliefs are in flux,
because as we learn they quickly become superseded,
their once truth expanded to fit
into another understanding, a broader context,
and so we must be open-minded.

Definitive phrases are so often used about self,
like ‘I do not do that,’
but in the end these statements of limitation
cause great harm to our lives, causing upheaval and stagnation,
ultimately maintaining ignorance.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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