The Path of a Soul

The Path of a Soul
The Path of a Soul

Perceiving beauty is a reflection
of our own heart, and
the more we are open to it,
the more of us opens to reach
our limitless potential,
and as we see more of beauty’s gifts,
we travel beyond perception,
imbibing love and intuition
in our chosen path of learning,
and so propagates the growing heart,
the path of a soul.

Yet these thoughts
are not always understood,
and we are all different,
our journeys of learning unique,
and for some the spiritual aspect is foreign
and their lives are filled
with human drama and struggle,
no difference in worth, just different
within the ascendancy of a learning soul,
discovering self and purpose;
so there can be no judgement, just understanding.

What is for us, can’t pass by us,
and in time we learn,
and like a flower we open to new light,
extending our truths and understanding
as our thoughts are delivered into new realms,
growing in consciousness
until we begin to learn what our soul needs,
for nourishment,
for its ever-growing clarity,
to observe truth in its process
and to grasp our purposeful existence.

Enlightenment is not a single moment,
but a continual process for a learning soul,
and a journey begins with a single step,
so be vigilant, be open to life’s gifts
and soon your life will be flooded with beauty,
and as love manifests in your life,
you will glean your own purpose
and happiness will pervade,
opening your eyes completely,
not only to what promise there is,
but also to what needs to change.

Tony DeLorger © 2018

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